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The New AppleTV finally makes its Way to the Retailer’s Shelves


Appletv 2016

It seems like I’ve been waiting for the new AppleTV forever. I first wrote about the version of the AppleTV that was released, for sale today, in June of 2013. In the article “Twas the night before WWDC 2013” at the Daily Mac View, I wrote in great anticipation the potential Apple may release a new, updated AppleTV much like we’ve seen released today.

Read, Drove and Bought – Two

As I was doing my daily reading, I read the AppleTV was being released for sale today. I quickly phoned my nearest AppleTV store at the Eaton Centre and confirmed that not only were the AppleTV’s put on sale, there were plenty to be had. I wasn’t about to take any chances and quickly got to the store and bought two TV’s; the 32 meg model as I have a 6 T NAS, something I will also be writing about in the future.

I was more than pleasantly happy to be carrying the purchases from the store almost in disbelief that I actually had them. However, I did and also was keen on setting up at least one of the TV’s.

Return of Hope

I’ve not been overly enamored with Apple this year but this day I was. I have constantly been under the assumption, rightly or wrongly, that the thing they could probably look forward to being successes in the market wreathe AppleTV and Apple pay.

We don’t know yet where it stands but it would appear to be the case that the Apple watch was DOA. Further, the iPhone 6s is nothing to write home about except that it is one expensive phone.

I have never been keen on Android till this year but I am now. Possibly the poor dollar and the exorbitant prices Apple was charging for the iPhone but this was the first time in six years I said no thanks to an iPhone. I’m prepared to pay a premium where a premium is due but I’m not prepared to pay usury charges.

I would’t recommend the Android to everyone I know but I think this will be the case for only so long. My friends have basically told me they don’t know what they’ll do when their phones bite the dust but they won’t pay the kind of prices Apple is charging for a PHONE.

My First Movie


Not only was I thoroughly happy with my AppleTV but I absolutley enjoyed watching my first movie on the device. This is one solid upgrade that should do Apple proud. The potential for this form of TV rests with Apple. If anyone can pull it off, it’s Apple,

The input retains it’s sleek and circumspect input style. Depending on how they are able to do with the studios and I would think that the content deliverers would be making a major mistake to underestimate both Apple’s capability and scope, this is a win all around for everyone. It is definitely a cool looking unit.

The Display/Input is Superb

From both the clicker, as it is commonly referred to, and the visual on the screen, the system is stunning. It’s simplicity of use belies its strength and power. This is one unit for all to take heed of. Apple could do well enough alone on this one device in its coral.

This is no hobby but real, enjoyable entertainment as you want it, when you want, and how. It’s time has definitely come.

Am I enthusiastic. Yes, as it has the potential now to offer a real alternative to standard television. That’s important. I don’t at the same time feel this is technology for technologies sake but something we’ve needed at both the personal and societal level.

Everyone needs some down time to relax in. It seems increasingly hard to find. The hope people had in the Smartphone is coming to a grueling conclusion. Rather than a freeing, liberating experience people have never been so stressed out.

It is not too much to ask for down time. However, traditional television might have suited well in its day but not now. People can’t change their schedule to make pals with their TV’s. It must be the other way around. The TV schedule must be a personal and self controlled event that fits your lifestyle. Otherwise, rather than relaxing you’ll either be more stressed or missing some relaxing entertainment.

Being in control of your TV means you can make the TV and the programming fit your schedule. For Apple’s part, they’ve done an admirable job. Time will of course tell the story but it looks good out of the starting gate.

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