Blackberry Leap: A lot of Value for a very Reasonable Price

Blackberry Leap

Although much is being discussed about the Blackberry Priv, Blackberry’s new all Android phone, I thought I’d take a look at the Blackberry Leap. This product was recently released in a very nice form factor. It is an all touch screen something many of us have become more familiar with.

The Leap doesn’t come with flashiest specs in the world yet they are solid. What it does come with is an incredibly powerful operating system, the ability to run all Blackberry apps and 98% of your Android apps and a very reasonable price tag something which might start appealing to people with sense again.

The Leap $199 USD Unlocked

Counting money

The Leap is a solid, well built phone typical of something you would expect to see from Blackberry. It certainly is not as light as an iPhone but it is no brick either. Rather, it is a nicely weighted phone for a 5” touchscreen.

Before getting into the practicalities of the phone I first want to start by mentioning the phone, unlocked, is $199 USD from Shopblackberry. We’re not seemingly at the day yet where people question massive investments in a cellphone nor the frequency with which they buy one, however, considering the prices of Android phones relative to what is a very expensive iPhone that day might be coming.

That being said, does the low price of the Leap give you an inferior product. Not by any means. It runs Blackberry’s BB10 software which is extremely robust, mobile software. It can run all Blackberry applications naturally but it can also run Android applications. You have the best of both.

Functionality which lends itself to Productivity

BB 10 is considered by some the most robust of the mobile OS’s available. Unfortunately, Blackberry got a tarnished brush in the early days after the release of the iPhone, something which it hasn’t been able to shake. Blackberry unfortunately, caught totally off guard by Apple, played catch up by trying to force fit the operations of a modern cell phone to their older operating system. In the long run, this was a serious miscalculation.

BB 10 is a modern, robust OS that does a lot very well. Blackberry started even getting mired in a non-controversy that it wasn’t cool, hip etc and was the phone of our parents or corporate executives. The problem was the early transition of the phone performed dreadfully.

Now though, BB 10 provides cell users with distinct properties, such as the hub in which all communications flows and an indicator to let you know communications has arrived. Many could see the advantage of the hub which made the Leap one of BlackBerry‘s most productive phones on the market (and for that matter so too the z30).

The Blackberry lacked applications. By 10.2 of BB 10, the OS was able to run Android applications increasing the number of available apps dramatically. However, BlackBerry did a terrible job at announcing this. One has to wonder is that why we have the Priv, an Android device which is yet another Android device amongst the many when we had/have a device that can run Android apps already.

That the Leap Stands out is Clear

I don’t know whether we can call a spade a spade here or not but BlackBerry didn’t have a bad OS but terrible marketing. It was very unclear that the phones running BB 10.2 and higher could run Android and the phones, except for the z30 and the Leap were yesterdays news and while in the case of the Passport it was just a very odd looking device.

The Leap is a cost effective phone that provides a level of productivity which is unique. There is a place and a time for cost effective cellphones. Marry that with the productive functionality brought to bear in the Leap and you have a winner.

Yet, someone has to say it. If the BlackBerry handset business is to die, BlackBerry did a good job at getting out a very confused message. To buy the Leap is to buy a sound handset, with plenty of productive capability and certainly at a cost that is starting to make sense again.

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