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El Capitan is allowing the Mac to act like a Mac


El capitan

In this article, I speak not as a knowledgeable inside Apple person nor as having uncovered buried facts but as an informed outside observer who happened to be a Beta tester of both Yosemite and El Capitan.

Yosemite seemed like one of the longest hauls since I had begun using a Mac in 1984. At first, when my Mac started to act funny, the belief was it was something “I” was doing wrong. In Sociology they call this criminalizing the victim.

Apple proved very effective at doing this but only for so long. You can’t have been around a Mac for this many years and buy in to one of the oldest tricks in the book. However, that helped little as Apple’s true colors came through brighter than a rainbow. They were going to criminalize the victim if it killed them – or me – and often it really didn’t seem to matter.

I became suspicious that these peculiar problems were the OS though but not without a lot of pain. Being a beta tester allowed me to run tests and long before El Capitan came out I was able to determine that the problem was the OS.

Spring 2015 WWDC

This years spring WWDC brought Tim Cook to stress something that very much needed stressing. He said El Capitan would be about quality and not quantity and not to expect the flourish of features we received in Yosemite.

To be sure, Yosemite was one of Apple’s nicest looking operating systems ever. However, it was probably also the worst operating system they ever strung together in their years and that includes the infamous Sculley years.

Yosemite came to us a wash in features some that could be considered quite useful. Yet, with all those features it came to us at great cost. It was a flawed system. When you throw that many new features into an OS you’re going to have trouble.

Time for a Cleansing


Now with an operating system that was so far ahead of the competition there was no need for more features. Thus, the refrain Quality vs Quantity. It was time to clean up the mess.

If you look at El Capitan, it has a new picture but it is spartan for any added features of great import. This made for a happy developer and for me as a consumer a happy camper as I still held out hope for Apple.

El Capitan is holding Water

El Capitan is huge in the impact that it has had. It is making a Mac run like a Mac again. Apple has done a good job at cleaning up the OS. Things that were running in very peculiar ways stopped the day El Capitan started.

With the Mac now operating as a computer, much of what I have written about in terms of the benefits that can be obtained from the use of a computer have returned. The Mac is a Mac once again but not without a long, convoluted haul to have to traverse to get there.


In this scenario, one could question Apple though. Did they really believe in what they said. Could they not see. And when you look at how they tried, how does one interpret that.

The Mac as Mac Again

I am so glad to have my Mac back again. It is freeing. I can leave the past behind because that’s what it is now. Would I ever want to go through that again. No is the most succinct and appropriate answer for this scenario.

Will Apple learn from this. Microsoft seems to have gotten it from their Windows 8 expedition. Apple almost went under in the late 90’s until they brought Steve Jobs back who basically saved the company.

However, I have my Mac back and I have no intentions of doing any testing for Apple or anyone for that matter that might put my unit in harms way. It’s not so easy to get out from under especially if the weight is heavy and well ….

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