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The Hit List comes back Swinging with a very Strong iPad Client rounding out their system’s Capabilities


For as long as I can remember, people have been calling out for an iPad version the Hit List. Finally, Karelia has delivered and in fine form. They have delivered an application that sits nicely with its other apps; and one that has tons of power yet is just as easy to use as the rest of the line. In some ways, Karelia’s lineup of apps are the most consistent of the bunch and with this brings even further power to the end user.

The Previous Lineup

Before the iPad version was introduced, only two products sat in the lineup; the desktop app and the iPhone/Touch app. Users who loved the Hit List made do. However, there was always this desire, as expressed in the forums, for an iPad version. It was long in coming.

When Karelia bought the Hit List, things began to happen. First, the iPhone/Touch app was updated to version 2 to make it more consistent with the new framework of IOS. It was definitely an appreciated upgrade. It looked nice, was easy to learn and use but most importantly it remained true to the power of the desktop. There was nothing you couldn’t do with the handheld version that wasn’t supported at the desktop.

The iPad

For some reason, the folks at the old Hit List company either didn’t see the importance of doing an iPad version or just couldn’t be bothered. It’s hard to say.

Thankfully, Karelia saw the benefits immediately. One of the most important benefits was the iPad version rounded out the line. The lack of the iPad version clearly presented a gaping hole not only something that everyone could shoot at but that prevented the clear logic of at times simply using the IOS set especially when one was traveling on business. In this scenario, a light iPad is all one needs. Combine this with the iPhone and you have a pretty powerful combination without the heft of a laptop. However, some of the new, modern laptops are quite shocking in terms of size and weight. One wonders how any power can be obtained in these machines but they are tremendously powerful by anyone’s measurement.

Regardless, nothing beats the Air 2 for size, weight and combined power except of course the Mac themselves. However, it is not always necessary to have all that compute power with you when you travel. The essentials my be more than enough saving yourself from carrying a lot of unnecessary heft through an airport or ten.

The System

It is not too late at all for an entire system. In fact, the Hit List is back in the game and in a strong way. I think we can look to the product line now to enhance functionality just adding to what has always been a very powerful system but not at the cost of loss of easiness and speed and yet the continued hope for an iPad version. Late or not, it’s here to the delight of many.

The product has matured into a nicely rounded and integrated system. Generally, it is considered to be a GTD system but because of it’s fluid architecture it can be considered to be far more than that. One can mold the system fairly easily to meet their needs; more easily than any other system on the market.

How Does it Stand up to the New Breed of Software

When you look a the Hit List against the new breed of software entering the market such as Todoist and Swipes a logical question is how does the software stand up against this new breed of software. Other than it not being cross platform in that it doesn’t run on Android and Windows, it stands against the new breed of software both perfectly and for almost all requirements for fluid, robust and captivating software, far better.

Not to take anything a way from the new software, which was sorely needed, the Hit List has within it all the capabilities to be all things without excess. Should the requirement for it to become fully cross platform is raised, I see little to prevent the Hit List from meeting many needs. This is not to say there isn’t a good place for Todoist and Swipes, as there certainly is, but when your requirements step beyond the bounds of these two products and others you will likely be well served by the likes of The Hit List. Unfortunately I don’t see this happening anytime soon. For now, you will not be let down by either Swipes or Todoist.

Although there is some similarity between them there are some real, profound differences. Let the application be your guide to the best of what you’re looking for.

A Return’s Potential

The Hit List is a full service, GTD application that can easily be altered to meet your needs. If you just really need a robust reminders system Swipes is likely the best choice. However, for a task management system that can build out projects, you are best served by the Hit List. In fact, the Hit List is a wonderful app to use. It’s high use of the keyboard, shortcutting the need for the mouse, can prove useful especially if you work with the program a lot. Benefit is there by learning the keyboard commands as you can just leave your hands on the keyboard speeding up your process.

Where it comes to the Hit Lists IOS programs, this concept of the keyboard to speed up processes doesn’t exist. However, still you feel in the IOS programs a strong orientation to what will improve the speed of entry. Further, in terms of the visual field, it is easy to alter this so that you’re not looking at more than you really need to.

One of the problems with some other programs is that there is often way too much in your visual field which slows you down. It is not quite as clear as to how to quickly alter this. The Hit List seems to have gotten around this problem simply through good design. The payoff though is significant and a lot of time is saved.

Now with the addition of the iPad version, we’re missing nothing. The Hit List is back. The name now has meaning. To get the word out could be challenging as they went MIA for quite some time. But to be sure, a good program will always rise and I have no doubt this one will rise again too. We might be surprised as to how far but it will rise I am certain of this.

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