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By Comparison to an iPhone 6: HTC one A9


It’s hard to knock the iPhone. It’s got a great design, is as fast as you’d want and can be laden with more memory than you’ll probably need. It’s easy to use but with that comes very little customizability which for me is not such a big thing. Finally, there are applications galore for the platform.

However, I was thinking that this iPhone is a lot of smoke and mirrors. There are other phones on the market, such as the HTC one M9, that are as good if not much better than the iphone it’s just few are aware. One thing everyone is commenting on with the iphone is simply how pricey the platform is which it is.

By Comparison: HTC one A9

I have used everything. I was however, till recently, a long term iphone user of six years. What hit me was when I went to get an iphone 6s I was stunned by the price. Additionally, I was getting bored with the iphone. Granted, my whole environment is Apple but that doesn’t mean a different phone can’t fit in especially with today’s cross platform capabilities.

I throw up the HTC on A9 as a point of comparison as this phone, intentionally or not, looks an awful lot like an iPhone 6. The build quality of the A9 is superb with a metal unibody construction and it looks and feels solid in its Carbon Grey format.

The sound quality of the phone can’t be beat and the performance of this phone is blazingly fast. Since it is Android, there is a bit of interface shock when you start to use but I was just encourage to keep at it and it would come. That’s just what happened and now although you couldn’t call me a ninja Android user I sure flow through the interface. And although I could customize it in many different ways (too many to mention) I don’t bother as I just enjoy the experience I’m having.

Major Driver

Since I was an iPhone user for six years, one still has to wonder what were the drivers that sent me to Android. One the most major drivers was price. This extremely high quality phone was $500 less than the iPhone. Then there were other things. I wanted to get out from under Big Apple’s proprietary world. Although I still have everything else Apple and will likely never change that the phone I’ve decided can be 100% independent. Finally, the A9 is a better phone, top to bottom, than the iPhone. It’s faster, higher pixel resolution, a better camera and on it goes. Bottom line; I love using this phone.

iPhone dada dada dada…

As I’ve sort of blossomed with my Android A9 I started realizing that there is way too much iPhone triteness and annoyances. Yes, its a good phone but does it deserve so much attention to the detriment of the others. Frankly, I’m not keen on the Samsung products but that’s just me. I like HTC as I think it probably has one of the best build qualities in the industry.

So why is it so hard to find accessories for these phones. They simply don’t get the attention or promotion that the iphone gets.

There is a double twisted irony to all of this though. Apple may for the first time since the release of iphone, start to have trouble generating increased iPhone sales. As people start to take a second look and like the value proposition of another device it will likely be to the detriment of the iphone.

Apple’s Strategy

I sometimes wonder if Apple has had a strategy since Steve Job’s passing other than enhance everything great he built and keep enhancing these products to death. However, what Apple needs to do is enhance and bring new things to market. Relying soley on the iPhone is dangerous.

An example of what they shouldn’t do is something like the new Mac Pro which was a huge let down. Their marketing department is persuasive but it wasn’t too long before the product became known as the trash can. Yet, it could have provided an excellent new revenue stream.

One thing they did that has so much potential is the new AppleTV. The problem is it has been delivered in a half baked fashion and those users that had the v3 are wondering why they bought the v4. Once its full capabilities are realized this could be a real winner.

At the end of the day though, one has to wonder whether users will break out from under the Apple iPhone mesmer and save that $500 if not more. You would think this to be inevitable but only time will tell.

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