Google makes Android 7 Previews more Available to Developers

Android symbolsRecently, it was reported that Google might be showing signs of taking back control of Android. Considering the rapidly spiraling upward trajectory of Android, this might be a very wise idea for the company. In light of this, could Google’s latest moves to make Android more available to its developer community be signs of the company exerting control over the OS.

The Developers are key to Success

Android 7 HTC
It is a well considered fact that if you can get developers writing for your OS, you’re likely to garner success. An OS without applications, no matter how good the OS, is an OS that is going to go no where fast. Blackberry is a good case in point.

Android 7 is Looking Very Good

Combine this with Android 7, which is looking particularly good, and if you’re a Google it would be time to pull out all stops to make sure your baby is as successful as possible.

IOS is good, no question, but it has an achilles heel in the iPhone. It is considered by many way too expensive. Android is considered to have hot phones, coming from a massive development community which is only getting better for a far more reasonable price. The reason: the margins that the Android world takes is much smaller than that of IOS. For the penny conscious mentality of a world feeling economically uncertain, this is a win win proposition.

All eyes should now ensure if their look is not at least intent on Android it isn’t far from the peripheral vision.

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