Intuit Sells Quicken to H.I.G. Capital

Quicken Premier 2016 Personal Finance  Budgeting Software

Intuit, in a bold move to shore up its profitable arm of its operation, sold Quicken, the 33 year old software to H.I.G. Capital. Quicken had become a strong weight in Intuit’s growth and they lacked the motivation to strength primarily Quicken.

Selling the nose diving software just made strategic sense to Intuit. The resources were not forthcoming from H.I.G. Capital to bring the strengthen brand bank to the dominance it once held. In this new arrangement with H.I.G. capital, it is fully expected that the investments will be made in one of the oldest financial programs on the market.

A Win Win seen for both H.I.G. capital and that of Quicken

H.I.G. capital has committed to put the money and resources into the Mac version of the product to get this rolling again. If so, this promises to be a win win for both the developer and the user. The Mac version of the product was very good till recent times when the company let it go due to products like Mint, a cloud based service that they viewed as more streamlined.

Heady Days Ahead for both the Mac and the Windows Product

As long as H.I.G. lives up to their commitments, there is little to prevent this from becoming a heavyweight once again.

After years of waiting or so it seems so, the old expression its better late than never definitely applies. To purchase the stock might be wise. If, on the other hand, you’re beat from wading through the storm you might be best to wait when a clearer picture evolves as to how things are shaking out.

Additionally, if you look around it is not necessarily a bad thing to possibly wait through the storm before making a buy decision.

Time is on our side this go around. There is work to be done on the Windows product, just not as much of it. What’s important is that the wealth we used to vest in being Windows and the Mac look as if they’re being molded in a solid bedrock. Both platforms appear as if they’ll get a solid overhaul, This can only be viewed as good news.

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