The Blackberry Hub Arrives on Android

BlackBerry hub
Probably one of the most significant implementations of technology designed for BB10, the BlackBerry OS, was the BlackBerry hub. This is one of the most advanced pieces of software developed to provide true productivity gains.

The Flood of Information

Flood waters

Information is coming at us from all variety of sources. It is swamping many and making others lives uncomfortable as the try to stay on top of all this communication. One of the worst aspects of what can only be considered for many an avalanch of information is the stuff that falls through the cracks. As we try to grapple with all the emails headed our way, many of them just sheer garbage advertising, the important stuff can get lost.

Add to email social media in the form of facebook and others with messenging services that might appear to be out of control is out of control.

Enter the Hub

The hub is exactly what its name implies. It pulls together all your information that you assign to the hub and presents it to you chronologically as it arrives. It is almost impossible to forget to check a certain mailbox that resides in the hub as you will see everything that passes through the hub unless you go out of your way to avoid it.

This is probably the most favorite application that BlackBerry introduced. It is truly innovative, a time saver and also by helping you avoid missing something is an important deterrent to a potential disaster.

BlackBerry’s Pursuit of Android can only be Considered a winner For the Platform

Winding road
BlackBerry, by bring services such as the hub to Android, is moving Android rapidly into the big leagues. There is no question Android has a plethora of applications but an application of the quality and nature of the BlackBerry hub is a winner. Many felt that the only thing that would make the iPhone perfect was something like the hub.

Moving Rapidly

BlackBerry is moving rapidly with Android and the hub is only one of a number of things that will affect the environment. Yet, it is one of the most important. Without a doubt, the hub was probably the most loved application on the BlackBerry as it was a real productivity enhancer while reducing the load.

Blackberry is starting to be recognized for its moves into software as a business sans the hardware. They are still putting all feet forward with their hardware but Apple and Android have taken solid ground. Blackberry though, by leveraging technologies it created and is known for is hoping to reposition itself in the very important role of providing secure and capable applications.

Security: BlackBerry’s Forte

Although the hub itself cannot be viewed as synonymous with the security that BlackBerry is so renowned for, it demonstrates the commitment BlackBerry has to making it’s technologies cross platform and generally available. The hub represents this push of a magnificent and powerful piece of software onto another platform.

We first saw this with BBM, Blackberries renowned messaging app. Now the hub is taking centre stage while security software from BlackBerry is spawning a great deal of interest.

Once you use the hub, you will wonder how you could have done without it. This does not mean that individual applications go away. They remain very much a vibrant part of a platforms ecosystem. The hub though is yet another way of enhancing productivity.

A Delight to work With

Once having used the hub, you will wonder how you did without it. You can still work primarily with you individual apps, however, the hub is know to enhance the process of communication while at the same time relieving stress.

Security and stress reduction are and will remain two overriding drivers to tame the mobile beast. Mobility brings a lot to the table but it also induces a lot. People feel more stressed being constantly on call and followed around by their mobile platforms. Some have shirked the more comfortable portables and desktops for the mobile Smartphone but when you do this how do you tame your work and free yourself from it.

Many winning Tools but late to the Table

It is commonly accepted that BlackBerry brought to the table some very strong tools when they introduced bb10 and continued to enhance it. Unfortunately they were late to the table to catch to the iPhone and Android position and as BlackBerry‘s market share dwindled so too did the incentive to keep fighting what was appearing to be more a losing game.

However, it has always been commonly accepted that BlackBerry was a leader in security software. Further, other tools they brought on stream were seen as leading edge. BlackBerry appeared to be floundering but in reality they were finding their place in the world of software and in that part of the world that was very complex to build.

As it is becoming more commonly known that cellphones are an easy route to break through the walls and capture fraudulently information the people are looking further at BlackBerry to help solve the problem. Its not that the other players can’t do it but it’s not easy and time consuming. The faster this can be shored up the better. Bring to the table such things as the hub, BBM and then the days for BlackBerry begin to be looking more positive than they have in a while.

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