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The Mac User Now Faces the Inevitable: AntiVirus Software


For a long time, AV software for the Mac was not considered important. The number of virus’ written for platform was miniscule and the platform itself had a lot of safety triggers built in.

With the rise, not so much in the area of virus’ that damage your computer but rather in the security area the Mac user is now a lucrative target. I will, from this point on, call the hackers the bad guys and these guys don’t want to disrupt your life by unleashing a platform horrific virus as they do in wanting to get your money. The fact is, they are and it’s serious.

Security is the new and old Catch Phrase of the Day

There is really nothing new in the use of the word security around big and small computers. In essence, you don’t want them vulnerable to a hostile computer attack. The ramifications of such a thing range from just a faulty application to the stealing of everyone’s file on that computer.

However, today security has never been so important and the net results of a lack of security so dramatic. The bad guys, as I earlier mentioned, are after money; your money and a vulneraable computer is like a daisy field welcoming the bees. However, the major difference is the bees don’t cause havoc, chaos and loss but add to the robust ecosystem.

The Mac

For a long time, Mac users felt, rightly or wrongly, they were completely removed from this insanity. No longer. As the Mac has grown in popularity and is prolifating at a new, much higher rate Mac users are becoming just as vulnerable as PC users.

Everyone that uses some form of communicating device is at risk of a security breach wherein valuable financial information might be obtained. It is now considered fact, that one of the areas of greatest exposure is the Smartphone.

Three Anti-Viral Packages for the Mac that are Considered Excellent

Since it is now considered valuable to have anti-viral software on the Mac, what are your choices. There are actually many. The price can range from nothing to very reasonable. I tend to believe you get what you pay for though and when it comes to security it isn’t a wise idea to cut corners.

Intego Virus Barrier X9

Intego is one of the longest running of the Mac AV software solutions. It impacts your Mac in almost no way. The only thing that you have to do is approve the apps that you want to allow access to your system. This is annoying at first but it keeps you aware if anything unusual is trying to attack your computer. Approval is only required once so within a few days you find yourself almost doing none of this activity.

This product is probably the most expensive of the bunch, depending on configuration but it is also one of the best. There are weekly software updates to virus definitions database and it can be purchased as an enhanced bundle which includes items such as Washing Machine to keep your Mac clean and Personal backup an easy to use full backup system.

Bitdefender for the Mac

Historically, Bitdefender has been an outstanding PC virus protection utility. Now available for the Mac, it frequently rates as the best of the bunch. If you shop around you should be able to get it for less than list price.

Bitdefender is ranked around number 1 as an Antivirus solution for the Mac. If you happen to be running a PC and a Mac you can purchase a kit to cover both. This is a fast program that doesn’t seem to impact your Mac’s performance. Further, it isn’t a heavy user of memory but neither is the Intego product. The virus definitions are kept up to date and it was effective at finding virus’ and eliminating them my Mac.


The third product I particularly like for the Mac is Webroot. In fact, this is my favourite of the bunch. You do have to turn off or disable private key input so that products such as TextExpander and Typinator work but this is a very small issue.

Webroot is fast and the most efficient in the use of memory and CPU resources. It has excellent protection around unauthorized access to your computer. Due to its minimal impact on resources yet its effectiveness to identify a virus and ask what you want done, its a great program to provide the extra protection required.

A Matter of Choice

In terms of the above programs, it is just important y0u use one. You really can’t go wrong with any of the above three choices so personal preference will help you decide. Just because I prefer Webroot over the others doesn’t mean you have to. However, in this case just ensure you understand your machine and can make a good decision based on personal preference.

If for some reason you feel uncertain about machine personal preference will likely play a lesser role. At this point, I would go with my recommendation for Webroot.

Again, you can probably find the program at a lesser price than list. Webroot has a three year option and the longer you take it and if you commit money up front, you can likely get a much better price. This also has the added advantage of not having to worry about the price for quite she time.

It’s Time to take Security Seriously

Although these tools are an added cost and in some ways appear like a nuisance, if they can prevent one bad guy from getting into your computer they are worth their weight in gold. There is nothing worse than identity theft or trying to recover your money from a bank. You’ll have to scale mountains at this point. The aspect of installing AV software will look trivial compared with the latter. Plus, once you’ve got a good product going there is really little work to keep it up to date and running as it should. A little insurance might prevent a huge headache.

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