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Two Interface Apps that Improve Productivity: TotalSpaces 2 and UBar 3


Apple’s interface is known for its ease of use and fluidity. Such attributes naturally improve productivity. However, there are many third party applications that enhance Apple’s GUI and depending on the manner they’re implemented and what’s implemented, productivity can be enhanced further by adding useful third party apps to the Mac ecosystem.

As an example, by adding a tool such as Alfred, a file and application launcher (more capability if you feel like doing some coding) you can greatly increase your productivity. Although Apple has a tool built in called Launchpad, which functions perfectly fine, Alfred is simply easier to use and more expansive.

In this article, I will explore two add-on tools that are easy to use yet provide functionality that enhances performance. These tools add to the GUI making the system easier to interact with.

uBar 3

uBar 3 is a tool that resembles the dock but it doesn’t replace the dock. People from the Windows camp often like this tool but so do Mac users. It adds an interface element to the bottom of your screen that shows two valuable things:

  • only active apps laid out alphabetically with a pop-up window that appears on demand to help in determining and switching to those particular apps
  • a robust launchbar popup that quickly acts on files or the movement of those files
  • a clock and calendar

In conjunction with dock, it is a nice aid in improving your interaction with your computer. Running apps and files are more easily found enhancing performance. Additionally, the tool is just fun to use.

TotalSpaces 2

Sierra comes with valuable tool called Mission Control. It provides separated workspaces across the top of your screen to reduce screen clutter as you divide apps amongst the various environments.

A very useful tool that enhances Mission Control is TotalSpaces 2. Rather than a group across the top of your screen representing desktops, TotalSpaces 2 is laid out as a grid of desktops. These desktops can quickly all be viewed with their corresponding apps and it is easy to move apps between workspaces.

TotalSpaces 2 provides a very fluid and dynamic work environment. You can assign apps individually to a spot in the grid. This keeps clutter down dramatically while you quickly move around the desktops. Distraction reduction is very important in enhancing productivity and this can dramatically reduce the number of apps you’re looking at in any desktop.

Two Simple yet Very Powerful Utilities

TotalSpaces 2 and uBar 3 are just two examples of many that add significant value to your compute environment and enhance productivity. Even if an app doesn’t appear to add significant value, in the case of these two, you will realize the payback immediately.

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