HTC Bolt also Does away with Audio Jack

HTC has announced a new phone, called the HTC Bolt, which is an exclusive to Sprint for now. This phone is not destined for Canada though.

Compared to the Pixel from Google

The phone itself is being compared to the Pixel something which HTC helped Google with. The major thing about the phone though is it too has done away with the traditional audio jack.

This does seem like an evolving trend. For many though, there remains a great choice of phones that still carry the headphone jack such as the iPhone 6s, HTC 10 and A9 and a slew of other Android phones .

Doing away with the Jack still Remains a Headache

For those well vested in expensive, corded headsets such as the Bose series, a series of headsets with cord is hard to ignore due to the extreme high quality. The jack remains irrefutably king of the hill. It must be remembered that the Bluetooth standard was not designed to carry high quality, impeccable audio.

Thus, the lack of a jack and the need for an adapter remains a great nuisance. It’s so easy to head out of your house, headphones in toe while the adapter gets forgotten at home.


There is simply little question that a pair of Bose headphone priced at $129 to $149 will outperform those very premiere $300 Bose headsets. Yes, the wires are annoying but there remains nothing more annoying than to not be able to listen to inferior sound on your shiny new device with headphone adapter forgotten at home.

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