BlackBerry DTEK Series is Showing some Signs this should be BlackBerry‘s Direction for Handsets

Blackberry has been testing the market for a while now to find if it can regain a foothold in handsets. It is commonly accepted that their misinterpretation of the effect the iPhone would have put BlackBerry in this position. It is also well understood that they mistimed the market over and over again and came out with handsets not on the money after all was said an done. These misteps almost knocked BlackBerry off the map.

Redefining their Mold around Software

As a result of continuous losses on the handset front BlackBerry has redefined its mold around software and most specifically security software. This has been working for them as they are seen as security leaders and this ia a tough business to be in. It isn’t simple nor inexpensive to define good security software.

Although BlackBerry said they were Out of the Handset Market Are They?

As BlackBerry was redefining themselves and telling the world they were no longer in the handset business they at the same time left the door marginally open. They outsourced the BlackBerry name for handsets while at the same time they kept their foot in the door. Somewhere in all of this, it would appear that the bb10 OS would remain with BlackBerry.

Regardless, their new software strategy seems to taking hold. They are defining themselves as world class leaders when it comes to security, no small feat.

The Handset Business and the DTEK Line

Coincidentally, as the company was withdrawing from the handset market they were seeing signs that their new DTEK line was catching on. Of all the models BlackBerry has produced in recent times, these are the only ones that seem to provide a nice look, good specs at a relatively aggressive price. To top it off, these phones come laden with the famous BlackBerry security something which everyone is looking at more seriously these days.

Might BlackBerry make a Renewed Push with their DTEK’s

Anything is possible and I don’t feel BlackBerry has lost the zeal for a strong handset presence. However, the time has arrived for the missteps to become, at least to a degree, a thing of the past. Let’s say it is the DTEK design that is showing signs of fortitude. BlackBerry instead of spreading itself thin, as it currently is, with all these models, needs to focus one or two models that shows promise.

The DTEK might be either that entity or the beginnings of that entity. They would be wise to cut themselves off from all the losers and focus on what might become a winner. In some ways, whether it is bb10 or Android, both run Android. bb10 runs Android apps very proficiently so you could have a scenario that would be better served by bb10 and another Android but with BlackBerry’s quintessential hallmark for security. Security on the phone is going to become ever the more important as there is so much that can be lost through an insecure system.

The Rising Need for Security might be BlackBerry’s Salvation

Security is only going to become more important as we shop online and really do so many things online. Without security, we are exposed to minor to catastrophic outcomes should someone get their hands on information that only belongs in ours.

As BlackBerry shows the way on this front, they could have a real winner where it comes to software. However, if say the DTEK line were a winning line with consumers, that combined with robust security could see them back in the handset business.

The speed with which this stuff changes is important. It’s probably wise to keep eyes and ears on BlackBerry. Their days of being dressed down and out on a limb might be coming to an end. This is good for an industry that sees its competition having really dwindled to IOS and Android. It doesn’t hurt to have a little more diversified competition especially when the stakes are high and the price of our gadgets keeps inching upwards.

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