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The Removal of the 100 Year Old Audio Jack


Apple’s removal of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 seemed, at first, a great annoyance. When there are technological shifts, it can often be that way. However, HTC’s Bolt is coming to market also without a headphone jack. The functionality will be carried out in a Type C jack, something which some consider more versatile than the lightening cord and which will be a IEEE standard.

When one Considers what we Are Jamming into a Smartphone

A lot is being asked of our smartphones now. It seems the changes are coming about fast and furious. To meet the requirements of the Smartphone you have to have not only the technology to implement but the technological space to implement things in. The thinking basically goes, to do all this they had to buy back some real-estate and the 100 year old audio jack seemed to be a logical place to start.

An Annoyance at Most

In reality, this switch to remove the headphone audio jack is more one of inconvenience and acceptance. Likely, the whole industry will go this way but for the flagship phones it seems more of an imperative to gain real-estate.

In terms of adapting to the new modality, it requires remembering to bring the adapter along that allows all to work or a Blue Tooth headset. This is not a great demand and will free us up overall as new, useful tech is introduced.

Thus, for the matter of habit in one case or an investment in the other, the longer terms looks more desirable. One concern many have is doing away with perfectly good, high quality headsets. This though is not the case in that remembering the adapter is just a matter of adjusting. Things such as this will eventually become second nature.

Finally, if you really don’t like the remembering part, there are high quality bluetooth headsets that will fill the bill. Since they are quite expensive, I would try out the adapter remembering approach first to see if this works for you. Going Bluetooth though may not be such a bad thing after all.

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