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Is there a Need for the Mac Pro


Unless the iMac can be engineered to step up its power specs substantially there is a solid need for the Mac Pro. However, the current Mac Pro should be immediately mothballed and sent out to pasture. Lovingly referred to as the “trash can” it basically is that and a very expensive one to boot. At the time of its release, people were seeing specs that saw the iMac outperform the Mac Pro.

However, for certain computing jobs, power is essential. A new, emboldened Mac Pro is required for a very demanding sector of the market. Apple could shy away from this sector but it would put a significant hole in its product line only to be filled by alternative machines. For consumers and Apple alike, this would be far from an ideal situation as either you’d decide to make do with an under performing Mac or take your business elsewhere. The loss of even one customer could really be the beginning of a trend. Apple’s been there before and I would think they would have learned but ….

The Need for a High Powered Workstation

Today’s iMac probably is far more powerful than the Sun workstations of 20 years ago. Yet, that does not mean the need has gone away, for certain types of users, for a dedicated, high powered machine. Rather than call this a Mac or a personal computer I’ll use a good term from the past, a workstation. People, as an example, that produce movies, work with tons of video and composition, are just one type of user who benefits from this kind of power. I would say that nothing in the Mac lineup today qualifies for the position of workstation but the Mac Pro was a best stab effort it. In reality though, the older Mac Pro’s of their times were workstations.

Apple has a ton of resources but are we not seeing a new rise in a lack of will. This lack of will comes from the top and works its way down. If the CEO thinks everything can be done on an iPad Pro does this not resound with a lack of foresight. An iPad Pro is not even a true computer let alone a workstation. This all has to do with relatedness. There’s a rhythm and an order to how one device relates to another. The iPad Pro definitely has its place and does a great job in it. However, don’t make it something its not.

The Microsoft Surface is a computer but it still isn’t a workstation. Possibly as our chips for the Personal Computer have exceed our wildest expectations, the idea of something more powerful has lost its relevance. This should not be the case though. The engineer that is doing advanced modeling still needs only the best in what can be offered. There is still a need for a Mac Pro. There probably always will be.

Reinvigorate not let Deteriorate

It’s time to see this relatedness again and reinvigorate our efforts to build the Mac Pro the way it should be built. This is not an iPad on steroids. It’s your upper end Mac on Steroids plus something. With this power comes the need for software that can take advantage of the power. The commodotization of all things in the computing world would be the undoing of our advancements. When everything relates to how many units shipped and how much money has been made unit to profit, then it’s easy to see why nothing was said about this machine, the Mac Pro, this year; three years after the first of the new breed was released.

There is as much need for the new beast as there ever was and possibly more so. As the world gets more complex, as has happened, there is an enhanced need to have machines that surpass the regular computers to work with the enhanced complexity. Speed from beginning to end and the quality of the work all remain relative. There has always been a saying in computing that you can never have too much speed.

As advances are made in medicine, and the doctors filter information gathered with their iPads and computers back to the researchers, the researchers need far more to deal with this influx of information to make sense of it and to continue to make great strides possibly now more than at anytime in history. An iMac is not the machine to do this on. A group of iMacs don’t cut it either. A group though of ever sophisticated workstations that remain on the leading edge of our technology do.

The Time Has Come

Apple needs to show a renewed interest in the Mac Pro. There is a market for it albeit nothing like that like the iPhone. However, Apple started as a computer company, certainly did make good, competitive and superior computers. This is all anyone wants. The old Apple back again with great products that might have a premium associated with them but in the end can save money.

Here’s hoping there is a next Mac Pro and it will knock our socks off, so to speak. There is pent up demand and the resolution for that will be good for both the consumer and Apple.

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