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The Hit Lists Return from Obscurity


Although in a previous article I chose 2do as my Task Manager of choice, the major overriding factor for this is its cross platform capability. It has other very attractive qualities but there’s another task manager I like as long as you can just live in the Apple ecosystem and that is the Hit List.

The Hit List used to belong to what I refer to as the original GTD programs which were made up of:

  • Omnifocus
  • Things
  • The Hit List

Although the Hit List was very successful on release, it fell into obscurity. Development ceased for a period and the iPad product, which everyone was looking for, only happened when Karelia bought the company.

The Author

The author of the Hit List seemed to drop from the scene for about two years throwing the program into this state of obscurity. People who had the Hit List were annoyed as the iPad version, which was scheduled to come out any day, seemed to wait forever. In fact, the problem only rectified when Karelia bought the Hit List.

Renewed Focus

With Karelia absorbing the Hit List, renewed focus seemed to occur in which the application came alive again. An iPad version first appeared and then an updated iPhone program emerged. They don’t have any plans to put the program on Android, an unfortunate thing to be sure but for those contented to just use it in the Apple ecosystem, it is an excellent program.

The layout of the program is very logical, intuitive and it can be fully keyboard driven making it fast if you decide to get onto that. To be sure, the Hit List is an excellent system and with this renewed focus it is now well rounded out to be a full scale, efficient and effective task manager.

Benefits over it’s Competition

The Hit List’s prime benefit would be in its quick, logical, intuitive functioning. Since it can be fully a keyboard driven app you don’t have to take your hands off of the keyboard. At first this might feel awkward until you suddenly become keyboard proficient and find yourself saving tons of time.

The application on the iPhone/Touch and iPad are extremely consistent all with each other making for an easy learning curve. It’s fast, on any of these environments, to enter a task or project and easily follow along with how things are going. The Hit List also supports fully nested tasks thus again adding to the logic.

Compared to say OmniFocus, which is discrepant between the apps and therefore hard to carry over your learning experience in anyone environment, the Hit List naturally just supports this. Once you get onto something in one environment it will likely operate the same as or similarly to the other apps. This not only speeds up learning but it speeds up a veteran user’s operation of the product.

Other Aspects

This is not the only thing that would allow the Hit List to stand out from the crowd. It supports:

  • start and end dates
  • Priorities up to 9 levels
  • Free fast sync
  • Data manipulation – full drag and drop say to a new due date, project or context
  • Powerful smart lists similar to Omnifocus’ views but just easier to implement and understand
  • Manual manipulation of the data is a breeze
  • And more

It’s a shame that the two year hiatus of this product took it off people’s radar. Like anything, the Hit List is not necessarily for everyone but by far I would be extremely comfortable recommending the product to the non-die hard task manager oriented person as I would to a die hard who lives and breathes his task manager.

The one other thing that is problematic is it only supports the Apple environment but so too does OmniFocus and Things. This is yesterday’s approach to the world and newer products or products such as 2do, Todo etc with a rich heritage from the Apple environment have found themselves well camped out in this heterogenous environment.

In Conclusion, the Best Product for the Mac Environment Solely

If you are working solely in the homogenous environment of the Apple ecosystem, this would be my primary recommended product. Working with The Hit List you will be up to speed in no time. Delving into the product is easy to take advantages of its more powerful and unique functions.

2do remains my product of choice for a heterogenous Android/IOS environment though OmniFocus with Burger’s third party app for Android would make OmniFocus my second product of choice, for the Mac solely, simply because the app addresses a variety of needs in an underlying powerful system that meets a high degree of needs yet in a very approachable package.

OmniFocus, though a powerful app, is really intended or works best for the power user that can spend the time exploring the product and learning how to get at the meat. The Hit List is simply more approachable and thus easier to learn yet you can still take away from it incredible views due to the underlying power of the system.

There’s now a lot of great software in the heterogenous world of the Mac and Task Management but this deserves it’s own specific review. Simply said, for the purposes of task management designed solely for the Mac you can’t go wrong with The Hit List.

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