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Fetching: Never loose Track of that Website Again


Browsing websites can be a rewarding experience. You might come across any number of items that might be of value to you. It might be news, finance, an article that would fit perfectly into your own research article or an item for purchase for yourself or as a gift. However, one problem with all that browsing is keeping track of every place you’ve been.

You could bookmark your page if you remember to do that and if you can stand your bookmarks getting out of control in length. You might rely on the history but that too could get unwieldy. Or you could manage your bookmarks in a bookmarks manager but unless you’re extremely organized it could end up having a matter of forgetfulness or just being very labour intensive.

Enter Fetching

Fetching is actually one of those indispensable products that runs in the background quietly recording every site that you visit. There is no opportunity to not have a sight at hand (unless the product fails) as everything will be there. Searching on the product is a snap and as long as you have some idea of the sight you were at, your search term will find it.

However, what if you can’t remember your search term. For this you have to be somewhat ready. Fetching allows you to tag a particular item that you find interesting along with writing some notes around why that might be so. More importantly it allows you to bookmark this mammoth catalogue of sites you’ve visited.

Whatever the situation or the reason, Fetching gives you a far better chance of getting back to your site of choice than any other technique as it is fully automatic and extremely comprehensive.

Fetching is not an expensive product either. With so much that it can deliver back to you it would almost seem to be worth its weight in gold. Yet, that isn’t the case. It is just a highly practical and invaluable product. There might be few occasions where you’ll want to go and revisit a site but then you do and if you can find, more than likely that all important site, it will prove extremely worthwhile. This is a product I can’t recommend more highly you have in your tool chest of software.

Containing the Vastness of the Web

The web is a very vast place indeed. There are so many sites to visit from all around the world. So much information at your fingertips. When you’re looking at something or reading it, it might not dawn on you till later how valuable a certain article is. This might strike you later. So goes it with something you saw that you didn’t necessarily want to buy at that moment but it strikes you somewhere down the road that this is exactly what you’re looking for and have forgotten the name.

At the point in time that you were reading the article, possibly something strikes you that this is a spot you want to return to. You place the article in the cloud, tag it or save it. Fetching brings to the table just a far better opportunity to find what you were looking at.

For the most part, this is a tool that helps you contain the vastness of the web. Its amazing what you can explore In a day and forget about in two. Fetching though helps overcome these predicaments. It’s that good and that simple.

There are still going to be some things that you forget about or are hard to track down due to memory. Yet it does an incredible job at large memory storage freeing up your mind for the more creative. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be valuable. However, it does go a long way down that road.

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  1. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by the strongest point is the link. It sounds as if you were completely unaware of this product or another one like it. The point of any of these articles, depending on the site in the group, is to inform, present views etc but it is not a how to site which is spelled out. There are tons of how “to do” sites and this stuff you can easily ascertain from a manual, instruction booklet or helpdesk. Links are there for the sole purpose of cross referencing to substantiate the position or whatever the article may be attempting to do. It appears from your comments the article was clearly effective.

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