USB Headphones: The Rage and the Demand is Upon Us

It’s a long time we’ve been happy with jacked headphones. The thinking is the jack is around 70 years old. However, the Smartphone is driving the move away from the jack. It really is just a part of our technological evolution.

Driving Forces

Rather than saying Driving Forces behind the development there really is one primary driving force. Smartphone manufacturers are under increasing pressure to provide more and more functionality in a sleek, slim and Uber stylish phone.

Two things are happening that are allowing this and will allow it to continue. The first is the technologies going into the phone are becoming smaller yet with more power all the time. This allows a manufacturer to find space to put in more technology and continue driving advancement without the loss of your stylish phone.

However, as much as there is miniaturisation, it isn’t quite happening as fast as is needed. To deal with this the manufacturer is looking at the phone to find space. The removal of the jack is simply to increase available space for more advanced technology.

To do this, they are removing the jack and either replacing it (the capability) through the charging mechanism, which has its pitfalls or via USB technology.

USB: The Preferred way to Go

There are a few reasons USB technology is the preferred way to go. One of the main one’s is you can listen to your music while you are charging your phone.

Another great benefit is the freedom from all the wires that you can get wrapped in with the jack technology. How many times have you found yourself in such a tangle you don’t bother listening to your music due to the inconvenience.

Finally, although USB technology wasn’t designed with the intent of delivering high quality audio, advancements in the standard saw the direction and began building for it. The current USB 4.1 specification is advanced enough to deliver high fidelity audio.

USB Headphone Everywhere; Suddenly

There are now a number of manufacturers that are offering USB options. Of course Beats, with their Apple parent, has to deliver the technology as the iPhone was the first phone to do away with the headphone jack. Beats headphones are not to everyone’s liking though and they tend to be very expensive.

Bose has come out with their Soundsport line at around the $200 mark and these provide excellent sound. Bose has always been known for Truesound and they have replicated this capability nicely in their USB headphones. These are definitely my preference over the more expensive Beats that I find of a less build and sound quality.


At this stage, it is probably worth looking though for specials as USB headphones tend to be twice that of their brethren jacked headphones. This can be hard on anyone’s pocket book.

Simply as an example of very high quality headphones that are on sale and more or less mimic the Bose experience are Freshebud Pro that you can find on Stacksocial for $29.99 USD marked down from $119.

This kind of special is well worth considering. There are a lot of wireless headphones for not a lot of money but the old expression you get what you pay for holds very true here. If you are really into music, then you’ll want something that provides a nice quality sound and I find the Freshebud Pro does that. These headphones can be purchased at Although shipping is currently to Canada and the US for this unit it is well worth keeping your eye open for other good headphones that go on sale.

The Demand is Destined to Increase

We are now seeing other Smartphone manufacturers following Apples lead. They are after the same advantage of increased space for new technology. We are only at the beginning of this trend but my suspicion is the pace of the changeover will happen rapidly due to the highly competitive nature of the Smartphone market.

At first, although there was a strong negative market reaction to Apple’s move, many companies and reviewers have gotten on board with this trend. Secondly, once you’ve given a good USB set of headphones a try, unless the sound quality is terrible, which it isn’t in the above cases, you would never turn back. The convenience awarded by wireless headphones far outweighs any negative downside.

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