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The iPhone is Ten Years Old


This is a big year for Apple. The iPhone, which basically revolutionized the Smartphone, turned ten this year. The iPhone did not create the Smartphone category of course. Palm and the Blackberry did that. What Apple brought to the table was a cool, innovative looking product that was approachable by all.

Till the iPhone

The Palm and the Blackberry lacked the Panache of the iPhone. The Palm lacked substantive applications for the platform and was basically poorly done. As a result, Palm failed over this misstep.

The Blackberry was the people’s toy back then. Loved by the businessman with a larger base of applications to choose from, it had such an addictive quality, it was called the Crackberry.

However, both devices were not as approachable as the general public needed them to be. The Blackberry was more of a communications device and although it hosted some applications they were few and far between.

Along Came the iPhone

On Jan 9th 2007 Steve Job’s unveiled the iPhone to much critical praise. It was exactly what people were looking for. A cool device that appealed to the masses.

It wasn’t long until developers were beginning to churn out applications galore for the device, something that is essential for a platform‘s success. Today it’s estimated that the Apple iTunes Store hosts around 1.5 million apps. Not only that, the apps for this iconic unit were considered sophisticated from the get go. Today however, they are extremely relevant and work beautifully in conjunction with their desktop brethren.

The iPhone 8 is Expected to be a Celebration of 10

The iPhone six onwards has been considered Apple’s nicest design in the lineup over the years. Although they are coming under immense pressure from the Android world, they are holding their own and selling extremely well producing excellent revenues for the company.

Regardless, Apple continues to innovate its iPhone and everyone is anticipating quite the leap with their iPhone 8. I suspect it will be both an attractive and powerful phone but regardless it will be an iPhone and people will want that simply because of that fact.

The Android has done very well but it is still not as approachable initially as an iPhone. It is more complicated in its use and although the Android platform has a slew of apps, the iPhones apps are still considered better.

For young people, either platform will suit them as they have grown into the environment. However, for the boomers say, the iPhone will remain the platform of choice due to its ease of use and its ergonomic symmetry.

For anyone to write the iPhone off as yesterdays news is foolish. It has a healthy future ahead of it. Certainly, the competition will make head roads into the space as a mobile phone is so required now, but it won’t replace the iPhone, that iconic little device that knocked the wind out of Blackberry and Palm in the day.

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