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Clear a Simple yet Powerful Reminder Tool


There are many things that demand our attention throughout a day generally. For a number of people that use some form of reminder system their technique might be more or less successful. There’s the old Sticky Note approach but if you have a lot commanding your attention this can become chaotic rather quickly. If you have a Smartphone with you and these days this is more the norm than not, you could try a digital reminders system something which can be truly successful.

Clear is one such system and not only is it a reminders tool it is more innovative and fun than most. Let’s say you want to remember to get some light bulbs. Enter this in Clear and set a time at which you’d like to be reminded. Every so often, during the course of your day, check your reminders and when the opportunity arises or you rise to the reminder, go and get the bulbs. In this case, you’re at least not leaving to chance that you’ll remember this is what you need. Upon completion of the task, simply swipe to complete or delete this reminder.

Apple’s Reminders Tool

Apple’s platform comes with a reminders tool which may meet just such a need. It’s functional, works and has reminders to alert you to the task. It supports lists which allows you to break your tasks down into areas thus preventing getting overwhelmed with what you want or need to do.

Clear, in many ways, works similarly but more importantly, it is a lot more fun. It’s very easy to keep lists in Clear, assign tasks to the appropriate list and jump around to see what you wanted to be reminded of. It’s mode of operation is quite simple but where it differs is in the way you access things. Everything in clear is swipe and screen driven.

Making Short Work of Creating and Completing a Reminder

Clear is built to be fast. At first, it feels a touch awkward as you get to know it’s various pinches and pulls and how they create a list, manipulate the data and review your reminders. First you create lists where you will enter tasks as they relate to a list:

  • Personal
  • Work
  • Mac
  • Errand
  • etc

To create a list is simple. The list generally is blue. Tasks are gradations of red and the more the red the more important the task. If your in the tasks area and you want to be in the lists, just pinch the screen to switch. To create a new list, pull down on the screen and create a list. Tap the list to enter, pull down to create your task and possibly write in something like “get butter“ and date and time stamp when this should be done by. Once you are finished just continue to create tasks throughout you day as you need to. Assume you likely need to remind yourself, just to be on the safe side.

Reaching the Finish Line which never Ends

As you get something done, check Clear and complete a task. To do this, you swipe in one direction just to complete the task or swipe in the other direction to complete and erase the task. Within no time, you will become very fast pinching, typing and swiping. At the same time, although there isn’t the same history file as you would have in GTD, it isn’t difficult to see how much you’ve completed.

Further, although you might remember some tasks from sheer memory, write them down just in case you don’t. Once the habit is developed, you won’t find this to be work. If anything, like GTD, it will take pressure off of your mind as you will begin to not worry about forgetting things that need doing. There might always be the time you forget to write it down in Clear but that becomes less and less of a problem.

Many Reminder Apps; only One Clear then GTD

There are a ton of reminder apps, some better than others. That they are useful is not in doubt. However, there is only one reminder app quite like Clear. For arguments sake, we will just call this one of those gems of an application.

Then there are the big boys; the GTD apps like OmniFocus. Clear would break under the load of this kind of app. There is nothing to say you can’t use a GTD app for what it’s good at and a GTD app for those difficult projects you have to do. In fact, the synergy can reduce the load as GTD apps require more on the input whereas Clear is just “write it down; set a reminder; then do it.” Whether you buy into GTD or these big boys, at least have a reminder app on board and the one that is tried and true plus a lot of fun is Clear.

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