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In the Appy Geek report a Study finds Android Performance Superior to the iPhone


Appy Geek has reported on a study that finds Apple’s iPhone Performance worse than that of Android. Of interest, is that most would assume the opposite. In this article titled “Study finds that iPhone performance is far less reliable than Android” the study finds the iPhone 6 to be the worst performing of the iPhones.

On the Android side, Samsung produces the worst stats with respect to reliability. As noted in the report “Samsung consistently had the highest failure rate among Android manufacturers for five quarters in a row.” Again, this is something one would not expect but it shows the powerful effects advertising can have on perception.

Historical Artifact

The idea that Android is not as secure an investment as the iPhone is now an historical artifact. From this study, one can conclude they are as safe buying an Android from a reliability perspective. That does not mean the Android interface would suit everyone ideally. The long and short of this is probably that the system which has the apps that you prefer or need to use or the OS that feels the best to you should likely be your driving force in terms of a buying decision.

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