BlackBerry wins an $815 Million Nice to Have Refund From Qualcomm

Blackberry, which has suffered no end of headaches for longer than anyone can believe, has finally had a bit of luck of late. A Royalties dispute they had with Qualcomm has netted them $815 million.

Investment in Acquiring Companies

Blackberry has decided a good use for the money is acquiring up companies of a strategic nature that supports their new direction. This is not a bad idea, as Blackberry has been doing better of late with their software strategy. Considering that they are considered the security experts and security has become such an invasive problem their advice and products are being sought after. This is another piece of nice news for Blackberry.

Now only if their Handsets would gain some Traction

The only thing that would add to Blackberry‘s view is to gain some much needed traction in their handsets. Even though this has been farmed out to a third party the phones still have the Blackberry name on them. This keeps the brand in people’s faces which is always a good thing.

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