The End of Wunderlist: Microsoft To-do as the Answer

Microsoft bought Wunderlist about two years ago. Their track record is one of killing a product to embed additional functionality into Microsoft Outlook and and the whole Office Suite.

In the case of Wunderlist, there might be a number of disgruntled customers who have come to rely on Wunderlist as their product of choice. For some, Wunderlist has been described as a number one product; not an OmniFocus or a Todoist or 2do but a powerful product in its own right.

To-do to Step into the Scene

When a company the likes of Microsoft buys a company, it is not to benefit the company they bought but Microsoft. Makes sense. Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s prime strategic product and they have being doing incredibly well with it. In many ways, ounce for ounce and dollar for dollar, it is a good buy if not a very good investment for either an individual, small business or a large/enterprise business.

The Office suite is very much a prominent component of what you get when you buy Office 365. Yet, if they did not keep it current and leading edge, the investment in the product may not produce the strategic value everyone is looking for.

Enter Microsoft to-do. Based on some of the best ideas of Wunderlist yet designed to work with Microsoft’s current Office offering, they are not necessarily providing the best task manager in the world but one that is more than capable and will meet many people’s needs.

Overkill with Task Managers

It can easily be argued, in the race to make task managers powerful, we’ve run into an overkill situation. Probably most of a users needs can be met with something that is something far less than an OmniFocus (e.g. break out the manual and disappear from the planet while you try to figure out how it works). The other side of this same coin, is that people become task writing obsessed and overdue to the point they have so many projects and tasks, organized so well they become paralyzed when they look at the list. All of this is incredibly self defeating.

Microsoft To-do Might Be Right on the Money

Microsoft to-do might be right on the money with respect to power, functionality and the inevitable output. Integrated with Outlook it extends Outlooks power without over extending the system so that you are doing nothing but writing projects and tasks and getting farther and farther behind.

Wunderlist is definitely being retired but not until they have a complete product line. There are some things it still doesn’t run on as noted in this article “Microsoft to shut down Wunderlist in favor of its new app, To-Do

Once the Final Pieces are in Place

Once the final pieces of To-do are in place, Wunderlist will be retired. Microsoft wants to make sure they have the best of Wunderlist built into the product and that the product runs everywhere it should. They will have this completed over the next few months and thus that will be the end of Wunderlist but the beginning of To-do.

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