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HTC has a phone to Meet a Range of Needs


In my travels, I have come across a brand that doesn’t seem to get the market recognition it deserves. It seems like all there is to choose from these days is Samsung and Apple’s iPhone. Both of these are good phones there is no question. The choice of which phone, one the Samsung being an Android and the iPhone being IOS, largely depends on the applictions you intend to run. If you are heavily embedded in the Apple ecosystem and want your phone to be a part of that ecosystem, your simplest and best choice is the iPhone.

However, with cross platform, you can marry your Android phone to a large part of the Apple ecosystem. Doing this though does currently imply much could be lost. Yet, there is plenty of software that runs cross platform flawlessly, leaving you the consumer with a larger degree of choice.


With this narrative that your choices are delimited to Apple and Samsung you are potentially losing out on alternate opportunities that could prove beneficial and cost effective.

HTC is a company not as well known as Samsung but they produce extremely high quality hardware. Not only that, they produce an interesting range of phones that might fit needs more adequately with costs and outcome.

As an example, HTC’s mid range phone is definitely more than that. They are extremely high quality and you’d be hard pressed to demonstrate otherwise. Yet, as every vendor is doing these days, they are producing newer, more powerful phones at ever increasing speeds leaving you the consumer more than bewildered. To this the common answer is I have to have the best or do you. It certainly keeps companies flush with money and you the consumer somewhat tight.## iPhones are Pricey so Competition is a Positive Thing

The top of the line iPhone 7 with 128 megs of memory (we’re talking the 7 and not the plus) in Canadian dollars is going to set you back around $1000 with taxes, no small sum to reckon with. Depending on how you use your smart phone, it might either need to be tightly integrated into the Apple ecosphere, somewhat or not even. If it has to be tightly integrated, the iPhone is your smartest choice for ease of use, consistency and platform consolidation at the software level.

Yet, not all things are so cut and dry. Some fall somewhere in the middle while others use their smartphones quite independently of the ecosystem. They are looking for functionality not necessarily tied to that ecosystem which then allows them to approach things quite differently.

Three Types of Smartphone Users

I would like to suggest that there are three types of smartphone users:

  • The highly integrated
  • Integrated yet independent
  • Smartphone stands on its own

The above users can acquire their smartphones based on how they intend to employ it. This is where HTC, as an example, can step in and step in nicely. They have a range of phones that operate to handle needs in differing yet sometimes the same way. All of the phones I’m going to discuss come in at different price points but are bar non of exceptional quality.

The phones I want to quickly look at are:

  • HTC a9
  • HTC 10
  • HTC U11

Not are they only all excellent in their own right, they have different design qualities that will appeal to people in different ways. Is one better than the other or is one the best? It depends on how you look at it.


The HTC a9 is a great phone with good specs and oddly enough an iPhonesque type of look. It is 5” phone with an Amoled. The display of this phone is one of its great strengths. But there’s more. This is weighted like the iPhone but it’s not an iPhone and it is about half the price. The price has nothing to do with either its function or performance.

On Youtube, some have been so impressed they have trouble not saying its a flagship phone. It’s a performer and if you like the iPhone style you will like this phone.

The HTC 10

HTC had a bit of a slump with it HTC one m9. As such, they put a lot of effort into the the HTC 10 to come out with not only a dazzling phone but that one that was ranked at the top of phones. The difference though for you is the design symmetry of the phone. Not an iPhone look a-like, it came put together with a unique, high quality design. A little larger than the HTC A9, it’s style and design were immediately noted. It was HTC’s turnaround from a very short slump indeed.

This phone can do no more than the HTC a9 it can just do it fast with it’s Qualcom 820 processor and generous memory. This for all intents and purposes was a winner for Android and the rest of us.


The HTC u11 marches to the class of any of the finest Androids including the Samsung S8. In fact the specs around this device are second to none. It is the 2017 flagship but it in no way does away with the HTC 10 and for that matter the HTC a9. However, in all of these phones we are talking high quality, beautiful design but with a significant cost effectiveness edge against an iPhone.

How is this possible. Because they are all excellent in their own right.

The u11 is nothing less than a piece of art as robust as anything on the market. It is beautiful to behold and use. Does this fit into the Apple ecosystem. Absolutely, as well as the HTC a9 and the HTC 10. Really, in their own way, they are all stunners just designed for different purposes and at different price points.

Again, if your phone does not have to be a replica of the Apple ecosystem, these phones will do the job all very well and yet still let you by and large work within the Apple ecosystem just not with every piece of software.

Let’s look at your task manager. TickTick is an ahead of the game task management system that is powerful yet intuitive. It will run in all our environments.

Things 3 is the new kid on the block and it has been met with rave reviews. Currently, for the iPhone this might be the task management system to beat. However, TickTick is so similar in operation and functionality that you can have the best of both the phone you desire but a fully integrated, intuitive and powerful task manager.


To carry this a step further journaling is probably something that you want to work on your phone but sync from there to the primary environment. This is the case for many an app. Fortunately this can be done too either with one of three very good apps.

  • Day One classic on the iPhone w Narrate on the Android
  • Journey
  • Diario

And there are some others which bring function to a heterogenous environment which allows you choice and the ability to save you some money.

I could go On

An Android phone will work with a lot of software you’re likely using on your Mac such as:

  • Evernote
  • Onenote
  • Outlook
  • SimpleNote and other note services
  • Social Media
  • News Services
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Browsers
  • Planners such as Informant and Planner Pro
  • Mail Apps
  • Music – Apple, Google, Spotify and on it goes
  • Financial Services like Quicken
  • Android Wear
  • Almost any cloud service
  • Direct Sharing services between devices
  • Weather
  • and on it goes

So there isn’t currently 100% coverage but every major category is. This means teams using different devices can work together, you as a consumer have broader choice and the potential to save a few pennies but most importantly competition keeps everyone on their toes.

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