Blackberry Continues to have followers of their Handsets

Even though Blackberry decided to get out of the handset business and concentrate on software, they in many ways just turned their handset business over to a third party who was interested in continuing to build the handset. There remain, to this day, devotees of the Blackberry. The major thing that keeps users coming to the Blackberry is the keyboard.

The Physical Keyboard as Prime Driver

TCL signed an exclusive deal to be the sole provider of blackberry labeled Smartphones. They were the company that built the DTEK 50 and 60 and these phones did better than their predecessors. One of the major problems for Blackberry built handsets were, in some cases, they were just late to market and in other cases they held odd designs. The DTEK 50 and 60 was more of what one would expect from modern Smartphones in the way of design and function.

The Blackberry Keyone is yet another phone that is getting good reviews. The design of the entire phone is just what the market is looking for. It is a phone that is well designed, with a solid build and an excellent keyboard. People who like the keyboard swear buy it in terms of the speeds they can get to, the reduction in mistakes and just having a nice tactile feedback system.

Initial Review of the KeyOne by Jan Ole Helmbold

In this video, Jan Ole Helmbold provides his initial review of the Keyone. In my next Blackberry article I will have an overview video of Jan Ole as he is one of the very few that still reviews Blackberry and if you’re a Blackberry fan you might want to get on his subscription list.

The video is titled “The BlackBerry KEYone WAS LAUNCHED!”

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