2Do Intro Video Explaining the Value of this Task Manager

2Do has actually been around for a while. It has always been a powerful, yet very flexible task management system. Although it started out in the Apple environment, it has made the logical leap to Android.

I have covered 2Do previously however, I wanted to bring you this video that is available on Youtube along with many other 2Do videos for a couple of significant reasons.

Foresight in Recognizing the value of Cross Platform

The developer of 2Do has had the foresight to realize the value of cross platform systems and more importantly the increasing move to making the program cross platform. Not every program need be cross platform, however , there are some like the areas of task management that is a natural for cross platform. Thus, an already very robust system now will work in Android and the Apple environment allowing teams, made up of people that use different programs to work well with each other.

GUI Standardization

The very significant thing that 2do has going for it is that this program has be ported so that you do not have to relearn a system. The Android and IOS platforms are almost identical except where something in say Android can be easily drawn out to enhance an overall very robust system .?
2Do is enjoying a success of late as outlined by FEDERICO VITICCI in his MacStories article “Why 2Do Is My New Favorite iOS Task Manager”. This is a form of a renaissance wherein the application fits you in design rather than you fit it. The following video on Android is a very good overview video of 2Do.

and Much More

If you’re interested in learning more about 2Do you might want to start with this Youtube video page which deals with many aspects of the product through short videos. Since there is so much to 2Do this is a good way to grapple with the program.

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