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The LG G6 a Beautiful but Ultimately Very Disappointing Experience


I had wanted one of the newer, faster and most importantly phones with the large screen that were taller and not thicker in the hand. I looked at the Samsung S8 and LG G6. I was tempted to wait to see what Apple might be bringing out with their iPhone 8 but people’s projections about the cost of the phone was a little bone chilling. Further, although I use Apple everything, ultimately I find now I am bored with the iPhone and although it is simpler at the beginning to use, once you’re used to Android that’s no longer the case. Finally, Android is just simply a richer experience wherein, if you’re like me and like to tinker a bit and customize the phone to your liking or disliking, you can go wild on Android which is certainly not the case with the iPhone.

Having Decided on Android it was a Question of Which Phone

After assessing the various phones including the HTC u11, Samsung S8 and the LG G6, I felt the LG G6 fitted my needs the best. I preferred the new, elongated style of screen, which although it is large at 5.7” it really is no wider than an iPhone and thus quite comfortable to hold. The u11 was a speed demon and beautiful to look at but the width of the phone made talking on it tiring for the hand.

The LG G6, although it used the 821 instead of the 835 chipset, was still fast and very smooth to work with. I preferred the flat screen and the position ion the Touch ID over that of the Samsung, which I found hard to find. You had to keep flipping the Samsung to locate the Touch ID.

The LG G6 seemed perfect in almost every way. Sleek, fast with a nice interface and a clean software experience. The last thing to really test, due to the return policy was of course the phone but never having had a problem with a cellphone in my location in over 17 years, I considered the issue moot.

The Audio was Far from a Moot Point

I was so thrilled with this phone, but when I started testing phone calls and people kept saying I was breaking up I thought initially there must be some obscure problem with the network. When I called tech support only to find out they were having some kind of network problem, I was sure this would be the end of my audio problems.

Unfortunately, this was not to be the case. My wireless phone company sent out another LG G6 to which I was to continue to find exactly the same problems with the voice quality. I now had two phones to test simultaneously and both provided poor to uninterpretable call quality.

Specific Search on this issue Revealed there to be Call Quality Issues

I then decided to research this from a perspective I never thought necessary. All the videos and reviews I had looked at prior to this experience were positive to extremely positive. However, when you do specific research on this particular area it is a different story.

I came across report after report to user issues with the phones call quality in certain circumstances. However, it never seemed clear what would cause this phone to have call quality issues.

Once I had determined this to be a significant issue and testing a third phone seemed impractical, I returned the phones. Needless to say, this was a very positive experience that ended up very poorly on one of the most basic aspects of a cellphone.

Ensure You buy from Only the Most Reputable Source

This was an experience which was both disheartening, as I was sure I had the phone that suited me but emphasized the old adage “let the buyer beware”. Fortunately, I was able to return both unscathed except for the unusual amount of time I had to use to try to get the phone portion of this Smartphone working.

This also told me to always, if something seems wrong, to trust yourself. In this case, tech support for the LG and my service provider not once mentioned this is a known issue. Since it was a core service of the LG G6 and has been operational since the 70’s I kept doubting. I kept pushing on trying to get it to work.

Finally, I turned to the internet and with one search there was the answer. This is a known problem and numerous people were asking about it and even on the LG site there was a support document suggesting how it “might be resolved.

In this instance, the answer was always there I just never thought it would be me that would have to find it. Disheartened and at the same time relieved as now I knew. I returned back to my smaller, a little out of date but not much at all HTC a9 which had no problems and thought well I’m saving money and how often do I use a Smartphone anyway; very, very little.

Kind of video you will see pushing you to a Particular phone as opposed to be careful as the phone doesn’t work!!!


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