In my travels, I noticed the HTC 10 has been marked down dramatically. This is an Android phone that has been rated as a Flagship in 2016 and although the HTC u11 is out, the HTC 10 is still highly rated and is only now coming to the natural end of it’s flagship status. Thus, you are getting a very good phone for half the price.

Currently in Stock only Red

There are three colours available but two are out of stock. There’s Gold, Grey and Red. It is a beautiful phone for the money and for some the HTC 10 suits them better than the u11. It is a slimmer (width wise), lighter phone and the red colour, which is in stock, is absolutely stunning. Actually, all HTC’s are of an extremely high build quality and look fantastic.

HTC Web Site Location for the HTC 10

By going to this page on the HTC website you can begin your purchase. There are tons of reviews and videos on the product also should you lack the information you require to know if this is right for you. Just to reinforce though, this was probably one of the best Android phones last year and basically a top contender amongst Smartphones .

It remains one of the top contending phones in 2017. The following is a video unboxing of the red phone and this fellow was so pleased with the phone he wanted as part of his collectors edition.

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