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Apple’s new iPhone Expected to lead $180 Billion in Smartphone sales


In this article titled Apple’s new iPhone expected to lead to $180 billion in smartphone sales By Caitlin Huston, it’s explained that although Apple’s share of the Smartphone market is around 15%, their profits lead dramatically in the industry. As such, this is why Apple does so well with their Smartphones.

North America is almost Equally Android and IOS

Apple does extremely well in United States, Great Britain and Austrailia. I can only assume Canada is similar to the U.S. and this study entitled “Study in Canada Shows Android OS Dominates, but Apple is Ahead of Samsung in Smartphone Usage” demonstrates exactly that.

The major benefit to Apple is that in these markets consumers would tend to spend alot on their smartphones making them very profitable. In the Android market they might spend a lot on the SmartPhones also but the spread is between a number of companies and not just lathered on one.

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