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Mail Pilot in the form of v3 Carbon Fibre is on the Comeback Trail


Mail Pilot v3, referred to as Mail Pilot Carbon Fibre, is currently in beta and is on the comeback trail. Mindsense, the creators of Mail Pilot, have heard the community and recognize the specific value they brought to the table with Mail Pilot.

The Most Efficient, Fastest Processor of Mail

Mail Pilot has the tools to allow it to process your mail not only efficiently but extremely fast and we all need that these days. Most people, these days, are feeling overwhelmed by mail. Mail is coming at us from so many sources and although you cannot refer to it as spam, in a way, since so much is advertising, it can either be useful or just pure junk.

The volume of this mail, unfortunately makes it primarily junk. However, you can’t just delete it as there is good mail mixed in with this junk. I have too often accidentally deleted a good piece of mail at the behest of speed or just to get through all the crap that I mistakenly throw away a good item. This, of course, is not acceptable.

Mail Pilot is the best of GTD applied to Mail

There are now a number of clients or more specifically three or four good ones beyond Apple’s mail, that can be considered to be excellent for their own reasons. However, these clients aren’t Mail Pilot and I find they have a tendency to slow you down as opposed to efficiently speeding you up as you handle your mail. There was something in Mail Pilot that promoted rapid but effective slogging through the mail.

I can think of four clients I currently like and I think add value over mail but yet mail can be also made to add value through add-ons such as Butler, Mailhub and items such as Mailbag, MailActOn etc:

  • Microsoft’s Outlook
  • Polymail
  • Spark
  • Airmail

These are listed in no particular order but I’ll just roughly highlight the outstanding aspects of the programs that I feel adds value.


I don’t know if it is the length of time I’ve used Outlook but this is a secure and robust email app that is reliable and stable. You do not have to worry that something has gone wrong and the mail won’t happen or will be out of sync. Designed to work with POP, IMAP and Exchange protocols it deals with these protocols transparently. Many of the third party products can only interface to Exchange using IMAP.

This is one of the reasons companies use Outlook as Exchange is so common now in the business environment that you want the client to support native exchange. This allows the product Ito work naturally.


This email package can be expensive if you use their chargeable services. These services do things such as track mail, allow you to recall it and on it goes. It’s a beautiful client but I have never been able to operate as fast or efficiently as I could with Mail Pilot.

Spark The Free and Beautiful Client

This is a great client for a number of reasons. It’s free so downloading and trying it to see if it works for you makes sense. I thought the interface was very nice and I didn’t worry about bugginess. Yet, again as nice is this client is it’s missing something that Mail Pilot had that allowed me to plow through the mail quickly.


Another free client, I suppose this is my favourite due to it’s integration with other, third party apps. However, as in all things there is something I use that is crucial and isn’t currently supported. Finally, due to the overhead of managing your mail, you cannot even get near the speed of Mail Pilot.

Mail Pilot v3 Carbon Fibre

Mail Pilot will be known as Carbon Fibre in v3. I’ve included the very brief video sent to me for your perusal and I can’t tell you, from this, what the changes are. Forgetting the changes, if I just discuss v2 and why it was so fast that will probably fill the bill for now.

Before I Start I don’t Really Have Any Great Insights on v3

I should really state up front, this all began with a simple question: what happened to Mail Pilot. I can tell you one thing; when they introduced Throttle I had a worry and the worry was they might drop Mail Pilot for Throttle.

I can see you can currently get Throttle on Stacksocial for a very good deal if you like it but for me it was no Mail Pilot. I never took to Throttle. I think the idea behind it was you give a requesting agent all your Throttle email and voila – no junk mail. However, I found this to have little value to me. I have Sanebox and with that if there is someone’s email I never want to see, I just drop the email in @Sanenospam and the email will never be seen again. Rarely have I done this in the years I’ve had Sanebox but I have it and while it works quite well I just don’t use it.

I am not saying this is why Mindsense dropped Mail Pilot, however they sure left behind a slew of disgruntled users. I think I probably told Mindsense once I hated the product in clear terms but that is not enough in beta. Since I didn’t like the beta, I didn’t use it and ignored it. In fact, I’d look at it wondering what it was. Seriously.

The Return of Mail Pilot as v3 Carbon Fibre

Mindsense is working towards releasing an upgraded version of the venerable Mail Pilot v2 with enhanced functionality. Mail Pilot, which was written about extensively, was one of the first and possibly the first email application to work on the Mac and IOS devices.

By the end of v2, the interface was so comparable on the various devices, it made for easy learning in either environment. Additionally, the program utilized GTD concepts very effectively. Unlike some of the other mail solutions, Mail Pilot did make quick work of your mail without being sloppy. That is, you could breeze through your mail, work on the right items and sort and define them together for further followup.

If you had a project going, it was easy to add new items to the project enhancing understandability of the issues. Short cut key functions made quick work of mail items, whether they needed to be deleted, archived, snoozed, moved to their own lists and on it went.

Mail Pilot used to like thinking of mail items as tasks to be finished. This was a rather unique approach for looking at mail. Mindsense was quite successful though in building a robust client that worked.

At first, it was a bit buggy but the bugs got worked out fast. I sometimes felt sync was a bit off or the system thought you were working with the system. Regardless, I could breeze through a heavy pile of email which was so rewarding.

Mail Pilot v3 Carbon Fibre

I feel, more than ever, there is a tremendous need for a robust emailing system that can handle our mail accurately and fast. With Mindsenses experience towards doing this, I am quite hopeful v3 could deliver a top notch platform allowing users to hit the ground running (or I’m certainly hoping and that we don’t have to wait forever).

Mindsense sent me the very short beta teaser video but it’s enough to get the juices flowing in that they have seen the light so to speak:

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  1. Have you followed up on the beta and what do you think? I just encountered Spark for my iphone and it’s interesting. I’d like to know what feature difference between Spark & MP you were referring to when you made this statement “Yet, again as nice is this client is it’s missing something that Mail Pilot had that allowed me to plow through the mail quickly.”

    • Mail Pilot, due to it’s task oriented nature, seemed to allow me to get through mail fast as opposed to say Spark, which is an excellent client due to it’s rich functionality but more traditional model.

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