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5 Chrome Extensions to Download for Your Mac in 2018


Google Chrome continues to be ranked as the best web browser today. Of course, it’s still possible to make user experience even better by downloading extensions to customize and optimize the application to suit your needs. So with that in mind, here are the top Google Chrome extensions that you can download for your Mac to improve your browsing experience in 2018.

AdBlocker Ultimate

Pop-ups and ads can, and will, continue to bug you while you’re online. Thankfully, advancements also brought forth add-ons that help provide a cleaner browsing experience. AdBlocker Ultimate is a free open-source Google Chrome extension that blocks all forms of advertisements that may disrupt your time online, including pop-ups, banner ads, and even videos. It can also prevent a number of online tracking tools from gaining access to private information.

Users have the option of identifying websites to include in the whitelist if they wish.

Grab the AdBlocker Ultimate extension for Chrome here


The past few years have seen a surge in online threats and fraudulent activity that can compromise your privacy and security. Blur is promoted as a tool that helps protect “passwords, payments, and privacy,” and it delivers. It creates, encrypts, and saves your passwords to different websites. It can even mask your credit card details so much so that even online shops and merchants will not be privy to the information. Finally, the add-on can also block companies – including social media sites – that try to track and get as much data as possible while you browse.

Blur is available to download for free. However, you can get a premium subscription to protect your credit card details for online transactions, as well as to mask phone numbers.

Blur can be downloaded here

Redirect Path

Ayima’s Redirect Path tool is the perfect extension for those who want to monitor what URLs your browser visits before getting to the current page that is being viewed. Besides allowing you to identify all the URLs in a redirect chain, it also gives you a heads-up whenever you are redirected.

The best part about this extension is that it is streamlined with no ads. You don’t even have to shell out additional money to get its full features; just install the extension and you’re good to go.

Download Ayima’s Redirect Path tool here

Signal Private Messenger

In 2017, the Signal Private Messenger received a lot of attention when it was launched because it claims to be the most secure messaging app available today. With the development of a Google Chrome extension of this app, users can now enjoy having private chats directly from their browser.

While this isn’t designed to come with the frilly bells and whistles of the other messengers, it does allow you to send personal and group text and picture messages without any fear of privacy breaches. You don’t have to worry about memorizing yet another password, as Signal Private Messenger allows you to connect using your phone number.

Install the Signal Private Messenger extension by clicking here

Strict Workflow

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more productive in 2018, this might be the browser extension that you’re looking for. The developers of Strict Workflow took inspiration from the Pomodoro method (hence the tomato icon) by setting a countdown. However, instead of reminding people to take a break at the end of each set interval, it blocks your access to known time-sucking websites such as social media and video sharing sites for a certain period. This essentially helps you from getting distracted from your work by browsing non-work-related sites. At the end of the session, you get a short break where you can access all of these websites before the cycle starts all over again.

You have the freedom to identify which sites will be blocked. You can also configure the length of each cycle.

Be more productive by grabbing the Strict Workflow extension here

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