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You Just have to Watch this Video about Apple HomePod


I have come across a lot of Youtube videos that are interesting; some that are boring and some that are just inane. However, I came across this video that is non of the above about the new Apple HomePod that is coming out soon. This is very worth watching but for more than a view on the Homepod. Rather, it is a problem Apple has endemically.

Apple is too Controlling and and has become Very So So

Unfortunately and I hate to beat this one to death but the genius of Steve Jobs is not, in any fashion, being marginally replicated by Tim Cook. He is not a technology person; never has been and never will be. He was a person who was good at Apple ensuring product produced at point A made it to point B. This is purely speculation and I am sure many wish this were true but when Steve Jobs appointed him to the role while he needed time to recover, I am convinced he thought he would eventually be able to return to work. Unfortunately, for everyone he did not.

Can Apple Return to Glory

Regardless of whether Apple has more money than the Federal Reserve, it is all from product Steve Jobs created. Apple needs to bite the bullet and do what Microsoft did. They need to replace Cook with a fellow like the fellow Microsoft found who has turned that company around; and he’s done it quietly and modes.

Take a look at this video from Youtube to see one aspect of what is going on:

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