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Apple wakes up to the AppleTV


Finally Apple has woken up to the fact that they have a winner in the AppleTV. For far too long, they referred to this as a endeavour. Has Apple been slow to its own trough. Absolutely. They knew this would revolutionize TV as we know it and that is what’s happening. Players, including Google, are lining up with full TV packages. Youtube TV reinvents TV but actually, this was alreay being done. What they brought to the table was a form of legitimacy due to their size and power.

Apple should not underestimate what its competition is doing and what they should have been doing a long time ago. They are though now getting on board. They delivered the platform; the AppleTV and they opened it to third party vendors to put apps on there. Apple though is only now stepping up to the plate and are putting money into the longer term.

The Future; Radical Change takes Time

The change that is occurring and will take place in entertainment, creation and delivery is not of an evolutionary nature but of a revolutionary nature. Apple has said they sold a billion dollars worth of Apple TV’s last year outfitting millions of households with a new potential.

To Apple, a billion dollars is not a lot if you only think about the Apple TV and don’t go beyond that. However, entertainment since say the invention of the TV but you could even say radio has been primed by programming. All content is brought to you on a programmed basis. That is, the news will occur at noon, 6pm and 11pm. Its been like that with all our current entertainment sources.

We though are changing from a programmed society to one in which you can choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it and on what you want to watch it. A TV or a radio aren’t necessary to watch or hear a show. You can use your phone, iPad, Computer, iPod etc.

The Changing Face of Society

In some ways the question of what came first; the chicken or the egg is appropriate here. Society is in a shift. Long gone are the jobs for life. Jobs are emerging that you work to depending on the need. Not every job requires you to be there from 9 to 5 anymore. So you choose what you’d like to do:

  • work at home
  • work the evening shift
  • the daytime
  • and on it goes

It’s fortuitous that entertainment is going through a paramount shift. No longer might you be available during what were normal programming hours to watch shows. In this new world you can watch things when it suits you.

Apple will Be There

The AppleTV itself might have sold millions of units but for all these units it makes available to people what they want to watch on their schedule. The computer and the Smartphone have been significant in major changes through the end of the last century into this. The AppleTV or at least what it represents will be revolutionary in its effect.

It could be miserable or the most liberating change in history. Everything else required a static workforce. The workforce can be quite fluid now. Entertainment is important to most of us in some fashion or another. With it no longer being embedded in a programming model, people are free to pursue things in their own frame and still not miss out on important news, sports or leisure activities.

Apple’s commitment to the AppleTV as demonstrated by this investment of 1 billion in programming is probably timed perfectly. We’re ready for the change. We can see the potential and we like it. There are likely some downsides but in an overall fashion people can be more of what they want to be. For Apple, the AppleTV has resolutely stepped out of the shackles of a hobby. Apple is aware the Smartphone market is quite saturated and they want to move more towards services to bolster the company. The AppleTV and all its corollary products will be part of this shift.

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