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The Things 3.4 Update Makes Things 3 Now the Program to Beat


Tim Hardwick in his article “Things 3.4 Update Introduces URL Linking Support, App Handover and Automation Features” explains the value of the three additions to Things 3.4 excellently. This update is more than just an update bringing real valuable functionality in Things like Links. I would heartily recommend reading this article.

Things 3.4 is Now the Program to Beat

Things Decision

In past writings, I would have said that Things 3 is similar to Tick Tick, which it is and that your choice of the two was more a matter of preference. Now Things 3.4 would make this the program to beat. One might choose this over OmniFocus for it’s power or over TickTick for this additional power plus a very current architectural interface.

Things 3.4 brings to the table functionality which is making it the program to beat and be measured by. I always loved the interface but it was a little light on functionality until now. As an example, OmniFocus has a very nice interface and is backed up with a lot of power provided via views. Things 3.4’s interface is, as Culture Code says Magical but it packs a lot of horsepower. Preference remains important but when all things are held equal, this is a power house addition.

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