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A Significant Reason to use a Wired Headset


Ever since Apple did away with the wired port and are using Bluetooth to play your collection of music, it is subtly implied that there is no difference in the quality of your music listening experience. This is definitely not the case at all.

Bluetooth’s Original intent Was for Device to Device Communications

Bluetooth came about as there was a growing and pressing need for a system that could allow one device to talk to another. It was designed as a simple way for a device to talk to a device. For all intents and purpose, Bluetooth did the job without difficulty.

From there, Bluetooth started to be used in cars for handsfree operation so that a driver could talk to someone else. Although the voice quality wasn’t superb it too did the job.

Bluetooth and Music

For Bluetooth to operate with music from our devices the signal has to be compressed and decompressed. Compression of music has already gone on since it was converted to digital and then more compression to carry the signal.

As such, for some the music is subpar to analogue. Bluetooth was never designed to carry music which has a richer range and uses more spectrum. Bluetooth 5 is intended to rectify and number of things plus take music into account for its use.

Wired Headphones

Music still sounds better to the discerning ear on wired headphones. The only compression that has occurred on music, till this point, is the conversion to digital. Some have actually turned back to vinyl because of this. However, wired headphones provide much more accurate sound. There is no compression of the music going on here.

For this reason, wired headphones will remain difficult to beat. In essence, you use Bluetooth for convenience or because it is the only option. However, if you want a purer sound this is where you need to use wired headphones. For the person that remains fussy about their music, they will continue to buy wired headphones to listen to their music. The sound is simply truer and richer.

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