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The LG G7 Ready to rollout with TV till May 31


LG’s followup to the g6, the LG G7 is to rollout in 2 days. However, if you purchase it on pre-order before June 1 (by May 31) you’ll get a free 43” 4K TV. This wouldn’t be such a great deal if the phone was considered a dud but to the contrary, it is considered to outclass the LG V30. Further, analysts have been talking about this phone as the phone-to beat in the current upgrade category.

The LG G7 has top End Specs

The G7 is quite the phone. It is powered by a Snapdragon 845 with one of the brightest displays going. It can put out 1000 NITS more than enough to make it very readable in the Daylight.

The Snapdragon 845 is basically state of the art. It is an incredibly fast chip ensuring your device is well future proofed. In addition it has that great dual mode camera system that LG pioneered. You’ve got fantastic closeups with a lens made for distance.

The phone is not cheap with a full retail value of $1000 but that will change. Others have described the build quality as superb.

A TV to Boot

If you buy the phone tomorrow or take it on contract from your service provider you get a very nice TV indeed. LG seems to finally be coming to the market in an aggressive fashion. They should be. With everyone talking about Samsung last year the G6, the first on the block with the bezel-less phones, was over-looked. This was just bad marketing.

LG seems confident in their phone and from all preliminary specs they should be. This is a phone could do well or be trounced by a market only willing to give to a narrow range of vendors.

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