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Author: Kerry Dawson

Culture Code is releasing on May 28, 2018 an update to Things 3 primarily directed at the iPad. The update puts power in the keyboard making it feel like a desktop app. The functionality added is no less than spectacular. Working with your iPad and Things 3.6, you simply no longer feel the desire to […]

The Demise of Windows

On May 26, 2018

Of late, some have been discussing the almost unthinkable and that’s the demise of Windows. Windows, the flagship OS that has been practically (in usable form) with us since 1995 might be showing si

There was a lot of talk, not so long ago, that the iPhone X was dead. If it is, someone forgot to tell it. In Apple’s recent quarterly report, one of its healthiest, the iPhone X was noted to be Apple’s best selling phone. Additionally, reviews of the phone have been extremely positive. Even the […]
We’re well into the New Year and with that prepare for 2018’s onslaught of product which will be release at CES, Apple’s spring and fall launches and a barrage of tech shows scheduled through the year. Each year brings with it remarkable upgrades to technology promising the unleashing of creative juices. This year however, there […]
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