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Category: iPhone X

There was a lot of talk, not so long ago, that the iPhone X was dead. If it is, someone forgot to tell it. In Apple’s recent quarterly report, one of its healthiest, the iPhone X was noted to be Apple’s best selling phone. Additionally, reviews of the phone have been extremely positive. Even the […]

Is the iPhone X Dead?

On March 15, 2018

Now that the iPhone X has been out more than four months, the big question that is being asked is whether the iPhone X is dead. The real answer to that is it has, in no way, met Apple’s sales expect

Is Apple Cancelling the iPhone X There are rumours swirling around that Apple is cancelling the iPhone X but this begs the question as to why? There are also some news articles coming out that this certainly is not the case. Apple X Sales Appear Robust Enough It is curious as to why this rumour […]
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