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Category: iPhone


The iPhone is Ten Years Old

On February 15, 2017
This is a big year for Apple. The iPhone, which basically revolutionized the Smartphone, turned ten this year. The iPhone did not create the Smartphone category of course. Palm and the Blackberry did that. What Apple brought to the table was a cool, innovative looking product that was approachable by all. Till the iPhone The […]
Tech is truly a liberating force in society. It is allowing us to do things ourselves that at one time was only available by getting in the car, driving to the store and buying what you wanted. It is allowing us to learn things in new ways. Should we need to know something about what […]
One of the most significant complaints about the iPhone these days is it’s price. Compared to a comparably equipped Android, there is no comparison. You will get a more powerful Android, fully decked out, for less money. This doesn’t though always translate into the fastest at the moment however, as the software gets more complex […]
For the longest while, I was a heavy duty DEVONthink Pro Office user. I, at one point, participated in the beta trials that brought the product Dropbox sync. However, with the passage of time, my mobility needs were increasing and the current DEVONthink to Go mobility product wasn’t meeting my requirements. It seemed, that although […]
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