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Category: Mac

I typically like Ulysses for written documents that are to go on the web. It handles all the preparation via Markdown and publishing of the documents in my case straight to WordPress. The thing about Markdown though is its philosophy that text should be as is. It treats the centring of images in the same […]

Day One vs Journey

On December 31, 2017
Journaling has always been considered a valuable activity for both mental health, reflection, providing context to your life and stimulating your brain. I have written about this in the past and want to reference a couple of those articles. In this article “Journaling remains a Compelling Reason to Use Your Mac” I relate a lot […]
How did Apple let it happen. Was it almost an obsessive view of the iPhone only. Was it a lack of an experienced person at the top who just doesn’t get I.T. and you might ask what else? Or was it simply stupidity. The Mac loyalist will remain with us through thick and thin. Whatever […]
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