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Category: Mac

One of the most significant complaints about the iPhone these days is it’s price. Compared to a comparably equipped Android, there is no comparison. You will get a more powerful Android, fully decked out, for less money. This doesn’t though always translate into the fastest at the moment however, as the software gets more complex […]
With our constant obsession around the weather, time and the look of our Mac Desktops, Living Weather HD makes for the perfect add-on. It not only tells us what the weather is and is going to be, it tells us the time and most fascinating of all, it displays Live Video of Weather on the […]

Omnifocus and Android

On July 7, 2016
At first, this article will probably strike you as odd as the Omnigroup isn’t doing anything with Android nor specifically making their product cross platform. However, if you are an Omnifocus user who has an Android phone you can still use it thanks to a third party product that was developed called Focus GTD. Unless […]
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