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Category: OSX

In 1990 there was a lot of hope for either cross systems functionality or open systems functionality. The second differed from the first in that the system was built on Open Standards. It was the preferred approach as technologically there was nothing to prevent it except, and this was more the political side, whose system […]
Apple has increasingly grown dependent on iPhone revenue for its profits. This was identified a fair while back and although it is the case the situation hasn’t changed much even though Apple is actively promoting its other products. The iPhone continues to play a central role in Apple’s overall very healthy cash balance. Last year, […]
WWDC 2016; 1 Miss and 3 Hits WWDC 2016 was more interesting this year than it has been for a while. I actually found it fun to watch and was quite engaged. I felt Apple had 3 hits and only 1 miss in its mixture of product releases to come along. Provided they deliver on […]
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