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Category: Software


Omnifocus and Android

On July 7, 2016
At first, this article will probably strike you as odd as the Omnigroup isn’t doing anything with Android nor specifically making their product cross platform. However, if you are an Omnifocus user who has an Android phone you can still use it thanks to a third party product that was developed called Focus GTD. Unless […]
Over the past few days, my Google Alerts has been serving up some intriguing articles on the topic of smartphones. Not only about the bells and whistles these products feature, but about the consumer trends taking place in this highly competitive marketplace. As a writer with a natural interest in tech, I keep my eyes […]
After a brief hiatus, Daily Mac View contributor Alain Latour returns to discuss why he switched sides in the war between productivity apps. triestolandapunchagainstRudolfKraj,_2000.jpg) Red (Todoist] takes on blue (Things). The decision to switch apps is not to be made lightly. For one thing, it entails the time-consuming and tedious process of transferring tasks and […]
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