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Apple had its historical release of fall products again this year and basically I would summarize this release as a win. They introduced their series 4 line of Smart watches and revamped their Smartphone lineup. The Smartphone’s stood out in this show as not only did they introduce new product but they smoothed out the […]
I was hoping for more but maybe that’s the problem. Apple needs to concentrate on the most important and deal with that first. Instead of trying to do everything at once and messing it up, its probably better to deal with things in meaningful, bite size chunks. It’s All about Software Right up front the […]
Things 3 just recently came out. It is Apple’s editors choice for a Task Management system. It is, no doubt, very nicely done. At first blush, you wonder what’s in this thing. However, it doesn’t take much time to realize there is a ton of functionality buried in the product. It has a very clean […]
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