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Tag: Culture Code

Tim Hardwick in his article “Things 3.4 Update Introduces URL Linking Support, App Handover and Automation Features” explains the value of the three additions to Things 3.4 excellently. This update is more than just an update bringing real valuable functionality in Things like Links. I would heartily recommend reading this article. Things 3.4 is Now […]

Things 3 is Here

On May 18, 2017

After a very long wait, Things 3 has finally arrived. As in the past, this is a Mac only system and runs on OSX and IOS plus the Apple Watch. The new system is a massive undertaking in that it has bee

I wrote an article a short while ago at the Daily Mac View titled “GIVING UP ON THINGS 3 AS IT IS LIKE “WAITING FOR GODOT.” I’m pleased to report, Godot is arriving. Culture code has just announced a release date with pricing structure in their blog. If you go the culture code blog you […]
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