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When you exist in what is referred to as the Apple ecosystem, you might feel you have to constrain yourself to an Apple Smartphone. Using an Apple Smartphone can make certain processes simpler and faster as Apple has built things to work with other things that are Apple. Airdrop (as outlined in the above noted […]
Apple has increasingly grown dependent on iPhone revenue for its profits. This was identified a fair while back and although it is the case the situation hasn’t changed much even though Apple is actively promoting its other products. The iPhone continues to play a central role in Apple’s overall very healthy cash balance. Last year, […]

Smartphone Impoverishment

On March 19, 2017
The precursor to the Smartphone was the PDA, basically invented by Palm. This was a very successful device and it became very much the businessman’s friend. From there, we see the evolution to the integration of telephone with the PDA which then was referred to as the Smartphone. Palm was the first kid on the […]
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