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A lot seems to get discussed about the hardware and what it can do. However, the hardware powers the software or the tool you use to do something such as write, take a note, calculate something and on it goes. One thing that has always had stead over the competition is the quality and flexibility […]
In my travels, I have come across a brand that doesn’t seem to get the market recognition it deserves. It seems like all there is to choose from these days is Samsung and Apple’s iPhone. Both of these are good phones there is no question. The choice of which phone, one the Samsung being an […]
For quite some time I’ve been less than excited about Apple. It wasn’t long ago that various activities they were engaging in was a smoke and mirrors routine. Innovation seemed to be dead but they kept it on life support through sophisticated advertising and name churning (iPad Air becomes Pro). All of this added up […]

Smartphone Impoverishment

On March 19, 2017

The precursor to the Smartphone was the PDA, basically invented by Palm. This was a very successful device and it became very much the businessman’s friend. From there, we see the evolution to the i

This title is based on articles related to the shift to Android in huge numbers and the observation both of what can be seen and is told by Service Providers of the massive flow of iPhone SE’s out their door. Interestingly, this is the one iPhone Apple provides no statistics on yet. Why would an […]
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