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Tag: Markdown

It wasn’t long ago, there were few Markdown editors to work with. Now there is a plethora of editors all focused on the art of writing and as such, editors bring with them their specific style to support the writing process. Writing Style and You Markdown lends itself ideally to web publishing but to much […]

Ulysses III for the iPad

On January 12, 2015

The iPad is one of my most wonderful and favourite devices. I have no logical explanation for this except that, with a good keyboard, is the perfect device for reading and producing articles. The latt

Only a few weeks into his Markdown foray, Alain Latour is tempted by its cousin, MultiMarkdown. Today he tells us whether you should familiarize yourself with yet another markup language language. There is such a thing as too basic a tool. Those of you who have read my articles here on the Daily Mac View […]
Continuing along the lines of the value of the lowly notepad in the collection of critical information that makes one more productive the discussion isn’t complete without addressing how DEVONthink, a powerful Information and Knowledge Management system that can simply fulfill this universal role. I would not suggest the purchase of DEVONthink solely to do […]
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