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Tag: Software

A lot seems to get discussed about the hardware and what it can do. However, the hardware powers the software or the tool you use to do something such as write, take a note, calculate something and on it goes. One thing that has always had stead over the competition is the quality and flexibility […]
I wrote an article a short while ago at the Daily Mac View titled “GIVING UP ON THINGS 3 AS IT IS LIKE “WAITING FOR GODOT.” I’m pleased to report, Godot is arriving. Culture code has just announced a release date with pricing structure in their blog. If you go the culture code blog you […]
For the longest while, I was a heavy duty DEVONthink Pro Office user. I, at one point, participated in the beta trials that brought the product Dropbox sync. However, with the passage of time, my mobility needs were increasing and the current DEVONthink to Go mobility product wasn’t meeting my requirements. It seemed, that although […]
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