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Byword 2 Premium is a Must Have Upgrade

by Kerry Dawson

From both my articles titled Tools for Writing this Blog and Blogging Offline for Markdown Writers it’s fairly apparent how wonderful I think Byword is as a writing environment. Byword provides you with one of the most elegant writing tools, I think, that is available for Markdown writers. It’s clean sheet of paper allows you to work in an uncluttered, distraction free manner. Add to that it works on both the Mac and your IOS devices it is a very liberating solution to work with as a writer.

I can easily say that the upgrade to Byword 2 is now an absolutely must have tool for web writing and just writing in general. However, to be more specific, it is upgrading to Byword 2 Premium that is the real clincher for upgrading. Byword has gone that step that changes much about the above two articles I mentioned. My method of working has not only been enhanced with Byword 2 Premium but significantly simplified.

Support for Offline Publishing

What has so dramatically improved Byword 2 Premium, not to understate this, is the addition of offline publishing capabilities to the likes of WordPress, Blogger and beyond. As soon as I read that Byword 2 Premium supported offline publishing I was sold. I had to read no more. Yet, does it go a step farther. Most definitely. However, it was this one function and I couldn’t buy it fast enough.

I have long been a Byword fan. I have always been extremely happy with the way I could write so much more effortlessly in this environment. To do this and previously do it so that I was able to write and publish offline I linked it to Marsedit. Marsedit is an excellent program in and of itself and one could easily just write in that environment but for me it did not compare. So I linked it and although this worked pretty flawlessly there were some downsides. The most apparent of the downside aspect to this was I was using two tools that can now be much better accomplished simply in Byword. Combining two tools, although doable and preferable to working offine in Byword and then going to my online site to publish the text and pictures/images, does not meet the ease of just working in Byword itself.

Publishing Offline just Using Byword

Setting this up is very simple and straightforward. Once the link is made, there’s nothing to it. You continue to write in Byword as you always have but when you’re ready to publish your document you simply publish it to your site. It‘s a breeze and you reduce the probability of things going wrong by cutting out the second tool to support offline writing and publishing.

Text Only for Now

Currently, Byword will only publish offline a fully textual document. This though is not an issue. Some of my documents are text only. Others though if I do want to have them support an image of some sort merely requires that I upload the image file to the site I’m publishing at, grab the URL and using Markdown syntax for pictures ![]() place the URL as appropriate in the previously notated syntax structure. It works perfectly. In fact, just as a test, I decided to publish some images at Cloudapp to host the pictures and use the generated URL there to include the pictures in the document I wrote just before this one. It worked without a hitch. I’d rather do this than work with two offline tools to accomplish my goal as I mentioned there was some risk in this approach. There’s no risk in doing what I’ve just described.

Icing on the Cake

There are a number of other features that have come out with Byword 2 and can be found on iTunes. Byword provides perfect continuity with the Byword I’ve come to know and love. However, two features that existed but have been enhanced which I find very useful are:

  1. Preview mode returns to where you left off when you last edited. Previously, when you went to preview your document you were sent back to the beginning of the document and had to find your place in which you were editing. No longer is that the case only enhancing further the writing experience.
  2. Sync between the Mac and IOS and its operation on the Mac, iPhone and iPad was its original selling strength for me. However, sync has simply been improved upon. Not that I ever had a problem before as I never did. However, since it is so important to me, if the company has stated that they have improved upon sync well I certainly can only see this as another plus.

This is a Must Have Upgrade

As upgrades go, this one for me was just one of those must have upgrades. No sooner had I read what it had to offer especially in the area of offline posting, it was a no brainer. I couldn’t buy it fast enough. I remain as happy as ever with Byword and much more so now. The two articles I referenced at the beginning of this one still remain relevant but is no longer the way I blog offline. That whole game has changed and changed, I must say, for the absolute better.

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