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On a “Clear Day”

by Kerry Dawson

One thing I do first thing when I start my day and often when I end the day is check the weather. There’s a gazillion weather applications available for the Mac and IOS platforms some of excellent quality and some just sort of so so. There’s are also the one’s that are just dreadful and often filled with ads.

However, for the iPhone we have Yahoo! Weather, a stunning weather application that displays pictures from Flickr based on the circumstances and time of day. For the Mac there’s a superb weather application called Clear Day. It does run on the iPad and on the iPhone but this application shines on your Mac. It’s also a stunner on the iPad but I most particularly like it on my Mac.

Beautiful Presentation

This application is absolutely stunning in its presentation. It portrays information in a minimalistic fashion but with stunning video graphics depicting weather conditions. However, it also presents weather in a perfectly clear and quickly understandable way. The one thing about some of the more traditional weather applications is that although they give you a good picture of the weather we’re having and are in for, they can be overly busy making it distracting and as such hard to distill the weather conditions.

Not so with “Clear Day.” From all angles, you’re presented with your weather report clearly and yet in deference to the stunning visuals it is displaying which also portray the current weather that you’re experiencing. There’s something very soothing about Clear Day. When I boot up my computer the last thing I used to have start up was OmniFocus to get a quick handle on what I need to do. Not now. The last thing to display is Clear Day and on a 27" monitor it absolutely shines.

I find it both a great way to start your day and end it. It’s very soothing to the temperament. I know what is currently going on and what will be coming. Yet, it’s visual appeal just starts you in a great mood. Of course, I eventually have to quit it to get down to work however, I approach this task slowly and with ease.

When the day Ends

When the day comes to an end, the last thing I do is not only listen to my streamed music but I start Clear Day to get a view of what we’re in for weather wise tomorrow and over the next few days. Again, the application is wonderful for putting you in that right mood to call it a day.

Displays Multiple Locations

The application is no slouch though at presenting you with a wealth of weather information. You can add cities from around the world. So if you’re just curious about another locales weather, have a friend somewhere that you want to know how their weather compares or are planning a trip somewhere you can just switch to the location of your choice to see the weather there too.

A Nod To “Living Earth“

One other weather application that I have found extremely useful and well presented and actually very pleasing also although rather stark is “Living Earth.” This weather application provides not only weather from around the world but also a locales various times. So if you’re in need of a good weather application that will also tell you what time it is in say Berlin, this is the one to get. On the Mac it’s a menu bar application and so is available anywhere with an easy click. On the iPad it is a full screen application and it uses the iPad’s screen real estate beautifully. Again, a minimalistic application, it provides a nice alternative or complement to Clear Day. In fact, I use both but Clear Day is my application of preference except when I would like to check on times from around the Globe.

As the Day Draws to a Close

Faced with a plethora of weather applications for the Mac, iPad and iPhone it’s difficult to weed through them to find that one outstanding gem. Fortunately I have. For my iPhone it is undoubtedly Yahoo! Weather but for my Mac and my iPad it is “Clear Day“. It is definitely the most compelling of the bunch. Try it out. You’ll be happy you did and you’ll close your day, if you so choose, on a very pleasant note.


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