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Seeing “Jobs“ the Movie

by Kerry Dawson

I previously wrote about Waiting for “Jobs” the Movie. I’ve now seen it. I’m not a movie critic and don’t pretend to be but was it worth the wait. For me the answer is an absolute yes.

Although it has arrived to the stage getting mixed reviews, I found it not only well done but illuminating. We had all heard about the end results of what occurred at Apple but this movie reveals what went on behind the scenes. For me, it was very illuminating.

There were things I often wondered about like why did Steve Jobs ever hire John Sculley in the first place. He basically betrayed Jobs and led to his ouster so why did he hire this fellow. The movie explains this very well and it was good to know this.

I always wondered why did Steve Wozniak leave the company when it was doing so well in its early glory days. Again, the movie expounds on this facet plus that of a number of others who quietly left.

One criticism of the movie that I’ve read is that the movie is too much about Apple the company as opposed to about Steve Jobs and what made him tick. The one thing I thought and have thought but which was reinforced by the this movie was that Steve Jobs was Apple and Apple was Steve Jobs. By expounding on Apple the movie is actually expounding on Steve Jobs.

A Biopic well Worth Seeing

I feel this is a movie well worth seeing. Other movies will be made about Steve Jobs and they’ll highlight different angles of his character. This one is a biopic that brings to light a lot of the background dealings that led to the Apple of today and the product from Apple of today. Jobs was passionate to a tee in what he did. Artful and visionary are, in some ways, understatements of the Steve Jobs that created the most powerful company we know today. All from its beginnings in a garage.

Yes it was Worth the Wait

I won’t elaborate on the film as if you see it I’d only ruin it for you. However, for me it was well worth the wait. Ashton Kutcher played Jobs well. Amazingly, the younger Jobs looks surprisingly like Kutcher or should I say it in reverse. I was pleased I saw the film. It only leant a hand to why I enjoy using Apple products. In a nutshell, it explained a lot.

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